Changes from a Sunset

Tali’s commitment to God has wavered for a long time, much to the dismay of her parents. When her surfer boyfriend Cole starts searching for salvation, Tali is drawn back to her Saviour to serve Him.
Just as Tali and Cole’s lives become increasingly perfect a series of events happen within a short space of time.
Out of these enormous trials facing Tali, a friendship grows unexpectedly with surprising results.
Tali has to get strength from her family, her friends and colleagues, but mostly she has to rely on God.


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When is My Forever

Vanda has always had a strained, volatile and unloving relationship with her mother, Dena. When Vanda and her best friend Patty meet a new group of friends they are introduced to love and also to God. There are brief moments when it seems as though Dena can change and become the mother Vanda has always longed for, but these moments are short-lived, leaving Vanda feeling more and more bitter. Egan, her Irish boyfriend, is the perfect antidote, but their plans for a happy forever are put to the test when he is forced to return to Ireland. To make matters worse, an unwanted pregnancy stops Vanda from joining him, and she discovers an anger towards her mother that consumes her. Will Vanda rely on God to get her through this traumatic time, and will Egan be the forever she has longed for all her life?


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Hello Everyone
Welcome to my new page – my blog.
I hope to write to you on a daily basis and that you find it will encourage and inspire you to positive thoughts and deeds.
God bless

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Second is Best – FREE on Kindle

Hi all

Looking for a good book to read over Easter….Second is Best is FREE on Kindle today 16th and tomorrow 17th April…

God bless

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Look what has arrived!!
A box full of my third novel Second is Best
Do you want one????
Message me if you are interested.
God bless

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My latest novel “Second is Best’ is FREE on Amazon Kindle today 12 March and tomorrow 13 March.

Hope you will the story and please kindly post a review.

God bless

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‘Second is Best’ is available

‘SECOND IS BEST’ IS AVAILABLE..WHOOPWHOOP ..It will be FREE on Ebook Kindle the 12-13 March ..Here is the link; ..
Also available in Paperback on this link …not yet on Amazon;

Truly hope you will enjoy this story and look forward to all your reviews
God bless

From the coastal towns of Warner Beach in Natal to Gordons Bay in the Western Cape during the seventies Kaye Reid travels hoping to eventually find forgiveness and a new life.
She leaves behind a roller coaster life of happiness and disappointment from her High school boyfriend, her parents and her marriage.
Through new acquaintances Kaye finds God and realises that she has to rely heavily on Him to bring her through the difficult roads she must travel

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Close your eyes…..and See

Have you seen Jesus on the cross?
On a road trip once I read the gospels and I cried quietly while lying on the back seat of the car. For a while it was all I could think about, and then time took over and I forgot that feeling of complete love Jesus has for us.
That is what happens to us, we are fickle human beings that tend to forget important things way too easily.
Have you seen Jesus on the cross?
The answer must be – Yes! We have seen countless movies and seen an endless stream of motivation photos on various social networks.
But that is not what I mean.
Have you really, really seen Jesus on the cross?
Try this exercise – close your eyes and see your husband or wife, your child or even your grandchild suspended on the cross.
See the pain in their eyes, see their limb body trying to relieve itself from the intense and unbearable pain.
Remember as they were nail onto the cross the excruciating and agonizing pain that cascaded through their body.
They hung there unable to move for fear of more pain all the while their lungs are collapsing and starving the rest of their organs of blood and oxygen.
Look at your loved one hanging on the cross with tears in their eyes for you because they love you.
Can you bear to see them in so much pain. Can you bear to see them suffer so much.
Look at them hanging on the cross for you and just before they die their last unselfish act is for you…they ask for forgiveness for you.
Now put Jesus’ face in the place of your loved one’s face!
Look at how Jesus loved you. Look at how Jesus hung on a cross for you. He loved you so much!
Don’t make the mistake of forgetting the undying love of Jesus.
The love you have for your partner, child or grandchild is miniscule compared to the love Jesus has for you.
Feel it in your hearts and live it in your lives.
For there is NO greater love than the love of Jesus.
I pray you will walk in the light of Jesus and remember the greatest sacrifice of all time.
God bless always

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What Angie Says

Hello all
While my third novel “Second is Best” is being edited and the cover design being created I have been compiling a few short stories for publication in June/July 2014.
I asked a lovely woman Angie Eybers to read one called “Where we Meet” to get an idea as to whether it will be good enough or not.
This is want she said;

“I couldn’t believe my luck when Aileen asked if I would like to read and give my honest opinion on one of her short stories from the compilation of short stories she has been working on …….. So I read “WHERE WE MEET”

This book is another brilliant plainly spoken, lovingly detailed short story of how unpredictable life is and how by drawing strength from God we can overcome all life’s misfortunes victoriously. This book is thought provoking and awe inspiring

If you were listening to me read this book you would have heard things coming out my mouth whilst I was turning pages like Oh My Word or ” She did not just say that” and “That’s not happening right now” …. You would also have seen me cry so hard, it felt like I was in Skye and Callum’s world. I felt their pain and their anger, related to their confusion, sadness, happiness to such an extent that I forgot everything else that was going on around me in the real world My eyes were literally glued to the pages .

Aileen is such an imaginative writer just when you think you know in what direction the story is going there is a poignant twist that is so heart rendering and engrossing – WHERE WE MEET is masterfully written and will have you captivated from start to finish – Well done Aileen on yet another memorable story.”

It is comments such as this that make me realize how God has blessed me with a talent I had only discovered a few years ago. God patiently worked with me until I finally found it. How amazing is our God.

Trust Him to guide you, it’s a wonderful journey when He holds your hand.

Have a fantastic week
God bless

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Coming soon – the new book – Second is Best

So here is something to wet the appetite….this is what is happening in the next book “Second is Best”………

Set in the seventies, Kaye Reid resides in Warner Beach on the South Coast of Natal. She has a difficult family life with alcoholic, chain-smoking parents but she thrives in the welcoming warmth of her high school sweetheart Boyd and his family.
Boyd and his best friend, York, are both deployed to complete the compulsory military service almost immediately after finishing school – putting their and Kaye’s dreams on hold for eighteen months.
What happened to Boyd in the army that turned him into a different person? From being an ambition-less surfer to a crack shot with a rifle, only interested in being in the army?
With the help from her friend Evelyn, Kaye gives her life to God and discovers new friends and a new love interest.
Will Spencer be the one she is meant to be with? Will he help her sort out her confused feelings for Boyd?
And what about York who disappears from her life too?
Will Kaye seek God to be her pillar of strength when all the walls come crashing down around her?

If you want to order now please inbox me..release date – end February 2014

God bless

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Hello all

PLEASE WILL YOU VOTE FOR EITHER OF MY BOOKS “Changes From a Sunset” and/or “When is My Forever” ..I do APPRECIATE IT LOADS & LOADS…

Go to the ROMANCE category and then go to the box that says “Write In Vote” and enter it there….
Here is the link;

Thank you so very much
God bless

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Good Morning Lord

Hello lovely people

What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning?
Here are a few of my oldies;
It’s too cold to get out of bed.
What day is it?
It can’t be time to get up already.
What am I going to wear today?
And one of my favourites was;
Yay it’s the weekend – I can go back to sleep.

Well how about this thought!


Think about it. With God being the in the forefront of your mind, you will carry Him in the forefront throughout the day. Making God the first and foremost priority in our lives is what we are expected to do if we desire the Lord’s grace.
In a previous blog I mentioned that doing something 21 times will make it a habit. Well then let’s make this a habit!
Wake up every morning and greet God first, after all He has graciously given you this day so thank Him for it and be glad in your heart.

I pray that every morning from now on God will get a flurry of greetings from us all.

God bless

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