Fibreglass, Graffiti & Horses Updates in Cozumel, Mexico

I have promised a few updates on past blogs, so here we go;

Carlos who has Fibreglass Fantasies (read the blog here) makes beautiful starfish, and they sell like hotcakes here in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. There are various sizes and colors.

Currently, Carlos is working on a Lightning MacQueen bed. He makes the molds and designs from scratch to the client’s specifications. If there is a bed your children desire; Carlos can make it for you.


If you remember not too long ago Mexico celebrated “The Day of the Dead, ” and I mentioned a graffiti competition. Efors designed and painted the most spectacular mural for the competition. I am truly blown away by this man’s talent (original blog here). Sadly though he did not win the competition – he came second. I have heard that this has been a bone of contention, but I cannot comment as I do not have the facts and I do not wish to enter into it. You can decide for yourself.

Efor’s entry
The winner – Niurka Guzman

Efors has been painting murals all over Cozumel, and other cities as his popularity keeps rapidly growing.


And lastly an update on Eric and his horse Castona (Zorro) – you can read the original blog here.I was pleasantly pleased to see the first renovations of the stables completed; they are really smart.

The last section of stables renovations is to begin soon.

There are now fifteen horses; ten are regularly used for tourists, three are extras, and two are in training.

Alex training Jhon (spelt correctly)

If you can remember I mentioned a horse called Junior, he has grown even bigger if that is at all possible. He is still a magnificent creature and has a lovely character. Junior proved them all wrong in thinking he was too naughty to train; he is now used to take tourist around our beautiful Cozumel.

At the end of every day whether busy or not, the horses enjoy a wash down and a good meal.

The carriages are cleaned and repaired if necessary.

There is a calm, relaxed and happy vibe at the ranch and I feel privileged to be privy to it. These horses are not abused or mistreated by any means.

Come and visit Cozumel Island and experience these wonderrful and talented people for yourself. You will defintely not be sorry.

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  1. What a delightful post! I love horses, they are so spiritual, but I love that you keep your eye on them. You have met so many creative and inspiring people on your journey, so uplifting!


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