My Heart and You – Review

It has been years since I have blogged, written, and even checked reviews. I’m so terrible. But I’m making conservative efforts to get back on track. So, when I checked my author page on Amazon, low and behold, I came… Read moreMy Heart and You – Review

Radar Love – Touching Review

Gosh, it seems like forever since I posted anything on my website. I apologize sincerely to you all for my lack of attention. This morning I checked my emails, as I always do, first thing, with a cup of coffee,… Read moreRadar Love – Touching Review

ALL my Books are FREE on Amazon

To all the wonderful moms who have suddenly become teachers, nurses, doctors, psychologists, and so much more – you are amazing. In appreciation for your nerves and anxiety, ALL my books on Amazon Kindle (ebook) will be FREE from April… Read moreALL my Books are FREE on Amazon