1 Dan Black Belt – INAM Karate Cozumel

A while ago, I wrote about living without my beloved husband, Ali. (Read here).

I mentioned starting karate and how it helped release pent-up anxiety and tension. Well, my karate journey has become a way of life for me. After getting that first belt, I could already envisage getting the first black belt and gave myself a goal to get it before I turned 60 (April 2022).

Covid decided to park and cause havoc and, naturally, downtime on practice. My goal seemed unreachable.

A few months ago, my sensei (knowing my goal) suggested that if I attended classes morning and night to get the required hours, I could do my exam on December 16th. I never hesitated in agreeing.

My body objected most ardently, but I pushed through and achieved my dream and my goal. I have my 1 Dan black belt. I am so grateful to Sensei Cesar Sanroman and everyone at INAM karate Cozumel for their love and support. We are family.

I am blessed and glorify God for leading me to this beautiful Island Cozumel.

With Sensei

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