Quintana Roo National Park – Disgustingly Disgusting

Previously I mentioned in a post that Ali and I were going to the Quintana Roo National Park today. We were excited for a two week time-out; BUT!!!!

I give this Quintana Roo National Park Campground and Hiking a great big 0 stars.

The definition of a National Park is “noun 1. an area of scenic beauty, historical importance, or the like, owned and maintained by a national government for the use of the people.

This place is nowhere even close to that definition.

To get there: on the website you get given the Google map coordinates and directions – don’t bother using that! Up to the point when you enter Francisco Uh May it is pretty simple, but once you reach the village, there are no signs, no indications, nada, nothing to direct you to this place. We eventually stopped at the police station to ask directions. They had not heard of this place and phoned on our behalf. (as Murphy’s law would have it my cell phone battery died a few minutes before entering the village.) It was a dirt road trip of 12kms but not just a dirt road; it was a dirt road congested with huge potholes, not at all pleasant or enjoyable in a rented VW – there is no way to get here other than by vehicle or motorbike of some sort.

Never once along the dirt road did we see any signage or indication of this so called National Park. After stopping and asking someone if they knew where it was, we finally found it but not after driving past it and turning back hoping that it was the place. Still no signs!

I entered the property and had to call out for someone’s attention. A worker told me where to find Patrick the owner – a French Canadian. First impressions count and in this case when your hosts stinks of body odour, it is not a great impression!! I asked Patrick what the deal was with not having any signage on the road; his reply was “I like my privacy.” Well if you like your privacy so much why do you have and advertise guest lodgings?

We then got shown to the guest house; the first thing your eyes focus on is the mound of wood dust from wood borers around the centre wood beam pillar. There is a vast difference between “rustic” and filthy dirty, IE: the drip tray for the dishes was infested with black mould amongst much else.

Taking a look at the outside; I was bitterly disappointed that this place looked nothing like any of the photos I had seen on either the website or any other site such a Tripadvisor. None of the so-called relaxation areas were neat, and they did not look like they had been attended to for some time. The swimming pool was not even half full and dirty.

When Patrick originally contacted me via MindMyHouse to enquire whether we would be interested in house sitting his “Ranch” for a few weeks, I immediately checked the website to confirm that Wi-Fi was available.  This is vital to Ali and me that work online. On the home page of the website it did in fact state that there was Wi-Fi available; this has since today been altered.

This is a screenshot of the website info on the internet as it was today and vastly different to what it was. Please also not the small print regarding purchasing.


However, when I enquired for the password of the Wi-Fi, I was informed that there was none. I then asked how we can be connected, and I got told that I had to buy a sim card for $10 plus 60 pesos for 200mb or 600 pesos for 4gig. The connection would only be within approximately 10 yards from his house. To top it all if Patrick was not at home, there would be no connection at all. This information was not transparent anywhere on the website. I am also curious as to why Patrick requires house sitters if he is living there.

I was highly perturbed when he asked for my phone and started taking out my sim card and replacing it with one of his and that is when I called Ali who is very learned and qualified in the technology world of internet. Patrick could no longer pull the wool over our eyes, and so Ali informed him that we would stay the one evening and leave the next day. This was already approximately 5 pm. Patrick’s reply was that we would have to pay for the evening accommodation, and we decided rather to depart from this place immediately. Patrick asked Ali if we wouldn’t mind giving his worker a lift to the village and Ali said we would have to repack the car, and we would take him.

When we had finished repacking the car, Patrick had already left with his worker. Between our frustrations, Ali and I did not close the door to the “Guest House” properly and for that, we do apologise to Patrick.

I’ve included here the exact message I received via Whatsapp from Patrick at 6.18pm, which sums up his less than favourable character;

“jajajaja just  a couple of reptiles lost  on their way to hell! Thanks for  the freakshow loosers, uncivilized retards. Least  you could  have closed  the doors  after  dragging your  sorry decomposed  souls off my  home. Assholes”

We have never been so insulted in all our lives!

My recommendation for this place is DON’T EVEN GO! Do not be misguided by the reviews available, perhaps once it might have been a decent place but currently, it is nothing but filthy dilapidated shacks in a jungle.

So after paying the Ferry fees from Cozumel to get to Playa Del Carmen, hiring a car for a week (luckily not the full two weeks), fuelling the car, buying groceries for two weeks (that we now have to lug back to Cozumel with us) it was all for naught and now we have had to find a place to stay in Playa Del Carmen for the night. This disaster has costs us 5945 pesos. Frustrated MUCH!




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