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With today Aug, 28th being the last day of the FREE promotion for Radar Love on Amazon,  I wanted to share with you an author’s interview I did with It’s Write Now.

If you have a few moments please pop over to their web site and read it, it gives a little insight into the story, my writing style and a few tid-bits.

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To give you an idea of how the interview went I’ve copied a few of the Q&A here for you. For the full interview go to this link


What did you love most about writing in this wonderful mix of contemporary and past events, friendships and love?

Keeping the era – the music, movies, fashion, fauna and flora and even the way the characters spoke – true to the 40’s.

Were there any pains or things that you did learn or try to find answers for?

I am arachnophobia – to try overcome my fear I wrote an episode with one – I don’t think it worked.

Where is the line between insanity and creativity?

Insanity is only seen by the one who is insane, creativity can be seen by all.


Enjoy the interview and please leave any comments you wish to share.


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  1. I just loved this book. It is such a sad but heart sore story and is a must. I have loved all of Aileen’s stories.

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