About Aileen Friedman

Aileen Friedman is an accomplished author with five novels behind her name and several short stories in various independent publications. The first, “Changes From a Sunset” was published in 2012, “When is My Forever” in 2013, “Second is Best” in 2014 and “The Sparkle in Her Eyes plus Six more Short Stories” and “The day God came to earth” in 2015.


For 2016 Ms Friedman plans to publish two childrens books “Mr. Trolley Adventurer” and “Jamie’s Discoveries” as well as her sixth novel “Radar Love”.

Ms Friedman taps into her personal experiences for inspiration, and her work has been very well-received not only in South Africa but throughout the world, for its accessibility and the believable characters she creates. Having been a dedicated Christian since 1989, and an upstanding member of her community, Ms Friedman’s stories carry a message of hope for all her readers.

Ms Friedman and her husband have left their home in South Africa and are on an exciting missionary journey, traveling to wherever God will lead them carrrying God’s word.





















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