I’m Honoured

It is such a pleasure for me to show you these photos. This beautiful woman of God, Samantha has all my books and I am deeply honoured. I would love you to send me a photo of you with any… Read moreI’m Honoured

Story Time with Mr. Trolley

Oh Mr. Trolley Adventurer had the most wondeful time during story time at the Eldamah Academy. The children loved hearing about Mr. Trolley and the adventures he went on. Their fantastic teacher Mrs. Chiquita Ashington brought Mr. Trolley alive during… Read moreStory Time with Mr. Trolley

Mr. Trolly Adventurer’s friend Leti

Mr. Trolley Adventurer has gained another friend, one that is not as young as his other friends but a beautiful Mexican lady called Leti. Leti is improving her English and Mr. Trolley Adventurer is helping her, how fabulous to be… Read moreMr. Trolly Adventurer’s friend Leti

Books are beautiful

I cannot help but get happy and as excited as a little child on Christmas day when I get to hold my books in my hands. It is such a sense of pride and accomplishment. I praise God for ounce… Read moreBooks are beautiful

Mr. Trolley Adventurer – 5 Star Review

Mr. Trolly Adventurer has received a 5 Star review on Amazon- how absolutely fabulous. “Love the book, May 11, 2017 By Ricardo Garcia This review is from: Mr. Trolley Adventurer (Paperback) love the book! GREAT lessons for our son to… Read moreMr. Trolley Adventurer – 5 Star Review

Mr. Trolley Adventurer Loves Lucas

Mr. Trolley Adventure has found another new friend. He loves it when Lucas reads from his pages every evening before he goes to sleep. Mr. Trolley Adventurer is very confident that your children will love his stories too. You are… Read moreMr. Trolley Adventurer Loves Lucas

Mr. Trolley Adventurer – Children’s book

This precious little munchkin, Maya Biezmeinova is holding her very own Mr. Trolley Adventurer book.   Please send me the photos of your children holding their copy of Mr. Trolley Adventurer. Go to this link to purhase your copy; /linksbuy/… Read moreMr. Trolley Adventurer – Children’s book


NEW RELEASE MR. TROLLEY ADVENTURER  I have to often pinch myself that this is in fact a reality. Yes! Yes! Yes! I have fulfilled another dream by publishing a Children’s book. Mr. Trolley Adventurer has come a long way on… Read moreNEW RELEASE – CHILDREN’S BOOK


Happy New Year / Felize Ano Nuevo I pray 2017 will be a blessed and safe year for you and your loved ones. For me 2017: The plot of the new book is done and now the writing has begun… Read moreNEW YEAR, NEW BOOK & A SNEAK PEAK