Church of Christ Cozumel Community Outreach

Doing the Lord’s work is the most gratifying and satisfying work on this planet.

The Church of Christ, 55 Ave, Cozumel Island Mexico are so blessed to have received a bunch of volunteers from churches of Christ in the USA that are also (for the brief time they are here) volunteering at the Cuicidad de Angeles Orphanage here on the Island. They brought with them suitcases full of literature, goodie bags and loads and loads of goodies to go into those bags.


On Thursday, June 8, 2017, with a combined effort of church members, staff from the orphanage and the volunteers we all gathered at the park nearest to the church on 55 Ave (Cozumel has many parks). People were divided into groups to facilitate the different activities – face painting, sack racing, two-legged racing, musical feet (chairs), fishing, hitting the cans, throwing through hoops, walking a little dog, and much more.

The curious neighborhood came out to investigate, and soon the children joined in the fun under the watchful eye of their parents. The gift bags were handed out to the children as the joined in and by the time they departed for their homes they were filled to the brim, along with precious smiles.

Bibles were handed out at a very successful rate with the message of God’s word within its pages.

Hotdogs were on demand and devoured by everyone.

The event was a huge success, and God’s church and its members are deeply grateful to all of the volunteers who came from far to organize this outreach in this community. Even the Heavens applauded with a spectacular show of lightning and thunder soon after the event ended.

May God be glorified in all things and may this outreach seek those who have yet to hear the truth about salvation.

There are plenty more fabulous photos to view on our missionary page





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