Horse Riding in Cozumel Mexico

Horses – beautiful creatures God blessed the earth and us with!

As with almost everything, Covid-19 disrupted a lifestyle. It is no different on Cozumel Island, and the horses that have for so long carried thousands of tourists around the city.

The horse and carriage tours around Cozumel Island were a big hit for many years with the never-ending tourists. When I first arrived here, I was motivated to write an article on them; you can read it here. Later I wrote a follow-up article (read here).

Now, these beautiful horses have no work, and their charros (the riders) have no income. However, what is more distressing is that because there is no income, how will these horses that have blessed this Island for so long survive?

Patiently waiting for you

The ranch welcomes you to ride the horses, as they need the exercise, and speaking from experience; it is worth every second. The trails through the jungle, passing a few cenotes, are as peaceful as they are beautiful. Never fear that you will get lost; these horses know their way and what routes to take. On a particular ride, I thought we were going straight when my horse, Castano, decided to a right turn. It was so funny and exciting at the same time, like going on a mystery tour. He knew where to go precisely, and we got back to the ranch safe and sound. If you like a horse that is lively and energetic, then ride Castano.

Jungle adventures

There are fourteen horses at the ranch, and of the gentlest is Tim. He has a lovely personality, and because of his passive character, he is used for riding lessons. If you are interested in lessons, then follow this link, you won’t be sorry.

Me so happy with our jungle adventure, thank you, Tim
Tim and me ready to go jungle

In the previous blogs, I wrote about the biggest horse I have ever seen, Junior. He is still as beautiful, and because he is so exquisite, he is very popular for photoshoots. He also recently became a daddy; Master is now eleven months old.


Veterinary Dr. Monserrat Castelan ensures that these precious creature’s health is maintained, and they are kept on a healthy diet. They are blessed to have her care for them.

The livelihood of these majestic creatures is in the balance, and we are imploring you to reach into your hearts to sponsor them. If you know someone or a company that might be interested, please send them the contact details below. Understandably we are living in challenging times, but if you are able to help in the slightest way to feed the horses, honestly, they will be eternally grateful.

Jose’ Julio Azcorra Rejon               + 52 987 876 1212           (Does not speak English)

Erick Arturo Dzib Pech                   + 52 987 114 3740            (Speaks English)

Every ride with one of the horses is an adventure; they’d love you to love them.

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