It’s a New Year

It’s a new year – I’m not going to go on about 2020; I think it’s best left unsaid.

I want to encourage you to “go forth into the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15

I speak for myself here, too. Covid gave me too much of an excuse not to do as God commanded, and for that, I seek forgiveness.

In May 2019, (gosh was it so long ago already), I traveled to Puerto Escondido to join the Christian Surfers Mexico conference. What a joyous week. I hope you will read about it here.

I met amazing people desiring to serve our Savior. The host’s Mike and Vanessa, were the best. I gifted Vanessa two of my books as a “thank you” and was thrilled to discover that Vanessa and her daughter Priscilla are avid readers.

With this in mind, I sent them (rather late, I know) the other books I have written with the sole purpose of encouraging them and anyone else that wishes to read the books that God loves them.

Vanessa and Priscilla

I truly pray God will lead me to finish Karate is not Ballet this year, but mostly that I will take the example of Christian Surfers and spread the Word of God to all who will hear.

We cannot explain the things of the world, nor would we want to, but have faith that as we walk with Jesus, our paths are guided to eternal life in peace, joy, and complete serenity.

God bless you in 2021.

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