My Heart and You – Manuscript

Writing this book has been a hard and difficult journey for me, every time I went back to the pages to resume writing after Ali’s death I was met with a resurgence of heart ache.

I prayed one evening for God to please give me the creatvity to finish the story. One day while visiting my daughter in South Korea and she was at work, I prayed again. Later that day I opened the file on my laptop called My Heart and You and without reading what was already written I continued to write the story of Javier and Anel. When my daughter got home from work I had wriiten two chapters. I was over the block of wall and running to the end.

Thank you Jesus.

One more edit, a blurb, a cover and a few reviews and My Heart and You is ready for print, hopefully in time for Christmas.

It is a beautiful story of how two people from different countries can cross their paths and maybe live happy ever happy.

I hope you will love this story as  much as I do.



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