My Heart and You – Review

I received a fabulous review from Ms. Karen Lange. Unfortunately due to Amazon’s policies she was unable to write her review there.

For everyone that takes the time to let me know whether they enjoyed my book (or not); it mean so much to me and your support is what keeps me writing.

Thank you to everyone I am deeply touched by your love for me.

“My review about


Once again Aileen Friedman has outdone herself. I truly enjoy all her books, every time I read one!!

“My Heart and You” is easy, yet gripping reading, from beginning to end, with a powerful spiritual message packed into a wonderful storyline. It’s one of those books you start and then can’t put down till the last full stop. It takes you on a wonderful roller-coaster emotional ride of emotions, including tears of sadness and joy.

Another lovely story line Aileen. As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading. God bless.”

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  1. Dear Aileen,
    Thank you for another fabulous story. My Heart and you. A real page turner for me, with lots of smiles and tears and as always a beautiful spiritual message. And all the places you mentioned in South Africa I can relate to which brought a smile to my face. I loved this book. Blessings to you. Pam McCann

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