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Before I publish, and what most authors do, I give my manuscript to people to read; their reviews help me to spit and polish the manscript before it gets published.

These are the latest two – I have posted previous reviews – for Radar Love;

From Linda Jones;

“I really loved the book it was such a lovely story and so beautifully written and had me in tears more than once – wow, you should be so proud of yourself and thank you so much for allowing me to read it xxxx it’s a wonderful read I think the characters will stay with me for a while 😘😘😘😘”

From Angie Wide;

“Last week I read a book that Aileen sent me… Those friends that really know me very well will know that Aileen is a local ( South African) author who has several books available in books stores and Amazon and other places, But this latest one Radar Love blew me away

You know the feeling when you pick up a book and you instantly feel a connection to the main character in the story?? …. Well this isn’t a book like that – this book you will feel a connection to ALL FOUR characters. A beautiful war romance set in South Africa in the 1940’s, four university friends that find themselves entwined together by war, by loss and by fate. As they endure the ever escalating dangers around them, they come to form a bond that lasts a lifetime.

First of all I thought maybe this book “gripped me” was because growing up I lived in a country that was fighting a war and our town had several army bases and living with soldiers in town was normal, so I related to the story line – but I soon realized the reason I loved this book wasn’t because of that – it was simply because it is written so brilliantly.
I lived in this book – often even put the book down and actually listened via you-tube the songs that were playing at the clubs mentioned in the book just to put myself amongst the pages.
The book takes you on a roller coaster emotional ride through chapters of love, laughter, loss and ultimately, coming to terms with life and it’s curved balls.

It is so beautifully written I felt as though it enabled me to be a part of that era even though before I picked up the book I had little knowledge of what life in South Africa was like.
I am not going to spoil anything by giving away the story all I can say is just buy it, read it, and make up your own mind. Whatever else it might do, it will definitely touch your soul,”


Sometimes I wonder why I bother to write and then publish, but when I read reviews like these it makes all the sense in the world why God entrusted my hands with his pen.

I’m so eager to publish Radar Love – Coming very soon!!

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  1. You write because you have a divine gift and a heart full of stories to share with us to keep us uplifted. I think about the ladies in Radar Love all the time! And i had the honour of actually meeting a lady who was a part of the elite group you write about. Your story came to life! So exciting! Its a beautiful story for a friendship that spans many years for the ladies and through this story you have given us the recipe for maintaining a solid friendship with all those we hold dear. Its a magnificent book! Well done Aileen, you have included the history of the group to set the scene and enagage the reader from page 1. A timeless treasure xxxxx

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