Radar Love – Touching Review

Gosh, it seems like forever since I posted anything on my website. I apologize sincerely to you all for my lack of attention.

This morning I checked my emails, as I always do, first thing, with a cup of coffee, and I was so surprised and delighted. I received a lovely email from Sunanda, who had read Radar Love and enjoyed it so much she felt compelled to write to me.

I’m thrilled and warmly touched by her words.

Here is the review;

“Beautifully developed plot. Aileen, you have really done the best research possible. Hats off. 

I was at first inquisitive after reading the prologue. My god! The friends, oh! Each one has their importance and their affection for each other is awe inspiring. Though it a story that just floated, I cried terribly for Peggy. Her sacrifice, dedicated and unending love for Harvey even after almost 60 yrs of his death is very touching. 

I heard the songs while reading the book, I could wait to hear or read, so did simultaneously. The purity of friendship of the older days and even in sunset years of life is very heart touching. I wanna pen much more. Words are not enough…..

Just congratulations and thank you for the book. It’s beautiful.” – Sunanda Errabilli 

These words encourage me to forge on and write!

God bless you all

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