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When you hear of someone living on Island, immediately you think they live on the beach, surf, and drink from coconuts. Yes, for the most part, that is true, but here, on Cozumel Island, there is more. It is like a city with thriving businesses and a community filled with supportive families and growing children.

One such person serving the community for 27 years is Sensei Cesar Sanroman Aranda, teaching children and adults of all ages karate at INAM Karate Do.

Sensei during 8 Dan exam

Growing up in Mexico City, his father sent him to a Judo school to learn to defend himself after being bullied at school, and from that moment, sensei chose martial art as a way of life.  

After five years of practicing Judo, he changed to Kung Fu and Taekwondo. At 21, sensei changed once more, but this time it was life-changing when he was introduced to karate, and for 39 years, sensei has dedicated his life to training, perfecting, and teaching karate.

Sensei in the air on the left
Sensei in the air

As a young student in martial arts, sensei became a national champion of children’s Judo at 11. Over the years of actively participating in karate tournaments, he won the Texas Open, the Houston Olympics, and many other championships in Mexico.

Thanks to his sister’s persuasion, sensei moved to Cozumel Island and met the director of Ixchel Cultural Center, Victor Venegas. He opened his first club, INAM Karate Do. After two months, the club had 200 students.

Attending their first tournament, the students never won any trophies. When they returned to the club, it was decided to train a special team for two hours a day. They participated in another tournament two weeks later, and all the students won a trophy. This was the stepping stone for INAM Cozumel as one of the strongest schools in the Federal District tournaments, and at every subsequent tournament, the students were awarded great prestige as competitors.

1st Generation Black Belts

In the early years of INAM karate, the tournaments throughout the state were initially based on technique, not only for karate but also for Judo and Kung Fu. However, sensei had a greater vision for martial arts in Mexico. He brought the martial arts teachers of all techniques together in Quintana Roo, proposed a regulation to organize large tournaments, and pioneered the Quintana Roo state open tournaments.

Freedom Games

When I asked sensei to mention a few stories, he said there were thousands and just too many to mention, but of all the achievements, he is exceptionally proud of his indictment into the Hall of Fame of Martial Arts of the United States and the Hall of Fame of Martial Arts Mexico.

Besides the Hall of Fame achievements, sensei was recently awarded his long-term goal of the eighth Dan red belt – red is the last belt color, and the tenth is the highest achievable Dan.

Sensei’s dedication and passion have resulted in students competing and succeeding at the state level, and INAM Karate Do is among the best, if not the best, karate school in the state. His dream is to continue being a benchmark for karate on Cozumel Island, and that INAM Karate Do will maintain its high level of training and be the best school in the state

Father, Son, and grandson

“My adventures in karate have led me to meet incredible like-minded people. I love to teach children and adults. It is an extraordinary way of life.” –Sensei Cesar Sanroman Aranda C. R. 8 Dan

As a student of sensei and INAM Karate Do Cozumel, I attest to the greatness of Sensei Cesar Sanroman Aranda.

Sensei and me

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