Radar Love – Touching Review

Gosh, it seems like forever since I posted anything on my website. I apologize sincerely to you all for my lack of attention. This morning I checked my emails, as I always do, first thing, with a cup of coffee,… Read moreRadar Love – Touching Review

ALL my Books are FREE on Amazon

To all the wonderful moms who have suddenly become teachers, nurses, doctors, psychologists, and so much more – you are amazing. In appreciation for your nerves and anxiety, ALL my books on Amazon Kindle (ebook) will be FREE from April… Read moreALL my Books are FREE on Amazon

My Heart and You – Cover Contest

My Heart and You has reached the final round of Authorsdb over contest. I will be so grateful if you would click on the link below and vote for it. https://authorsdb.com/2019-cover-contest-results/28580-cover-contest-2019-my-heart-and-you Thank you so much Have a superb week in… Read moreMy Heart and You – Cover Contest

WOW REVIEW – Radar Love

A review like this is WOW WOW WOW. I am blown away by this reader’s appreciation for Radar Love. It is reviews such as this that keep me writing. Thank you Haruyo Takamasu from Japan for encouraging me to keep… Read moreWOW REVIEW – Radar Love

Even dogs are fans – The Secret of Grace

There is no end to the quality and type of readers or fans. Angie’s dog is intrigued and inspired by The Secret of Grace. Please send your photo, and if you get the chance your review on Amazon is undoubtedly… Read moreEven dogs are fans – The Secret of Grace

My Heart and You – Read it anywhere

No matter where you are or what you doing, My Heart and You can keep you company. Thank you Celeste for the photo. What better place to be reading it than relaxing beside a pool . Please keep sending you… Read moreMy Heart and You – Read it anywhere

My Heart and You – Review

I received a fabulous review from Ms. Karen Lange. Unfortunately due to Amazon’s policies she was unable to write her review there. For everyone that takes the time to let me know whether they enjoyed my book (or not); it… Read moreMy Heart and You – Review