And Off They Went

15th January 2016

Our lovely friends that we met when we very first arrived in Puerto Cayo, Matthew and Michelle Tupy, are once more on the road to new adventures. As the last goodbye we went to dinner with them at the Bamboo Pizza restaurant, if you feel the need for pizza this is the place to be, they are deliciously scrumptious.

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They were blessed with a stunning sunset for their farewell in Puerto Cayo.

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The night was not finished with us yet, in this quiet little sleepy fishing village, the community creates their own entertainment. While we still enjoyed our pizza, the friendly caterpillar wandered past. Of course, the kids, Emilia, and Matthew’s eyes lit up and wanted to catch a ride, lucky for them when we drove into the town square there, the caterpillar stood waiting for passengers. They hoped on with mom Michelle and went off for a joy ride through the village; I have it on good authority that he weaved through the streets and even rode in circles in the middle of the road.

As always (I have mentioned this before in previous blogs) you can come to the town square almost any time of day, and there will be a bunch of lads playing soccer or, like tonight, volleyball. They had a rally going for some time without the ball dropping; that is until I decided to take photos and set off the flash that just happen to distract them – oops sorry my bad. The lads have a lot of fun playing without arguments or squabbles. If you look closely in the photo at the net and how it gets held up you will see that you don’t need the best or most expensive equipment to have fun, stay healthy and enjoy the company of good friends.


Suddenly the music blared, and a group of women stood around in a huddle. I immediately thought it was a cheerleading practice – ha ha, and then a couple of young men stood up on the platform and started an aerobics session. We were highly entertained as they have very little concept of what to do but one of the young men (he is the one wearing the beanie) explained to me that they are promoting a healthier lifestyle in Puerto Cayo and for this we give them 110%.

All too soon we were saying goodbye to our friends, and I hope you will join us as we pray for their safe travels – firstly to Quito, then to Colombia and Panama and who knows where from there. I pray to that they will find salvation one day. You can follow their journey on – please do.

There are loads more photos of this evening on our Facebook page

Thank you for sharing our journey with us.

God bless and protect you all.

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