Carnival Breeze

Not too long ago we got gifted a day visit to the ship Carnival Freedom yesterday we had the privilege to get a day visit to Carnival Breeze.


Breeze is currently the largest ship in the Carnival fleet that is operational, that stat will change in May 2016 when Carnival launches their new ship – Carnival Vista.

Breeze is 1004ft in length, gross tonnage of 130,000, has a crew/staff of 1386, and her guest capacity is 3690. Breeze is a city on water. The ship’s decor is like its name denotes – a breeze, with very light earth tone walls and imitation palm trees everywhere. The lights are in the form of lanterns that give you the feeling of floating away in the breeze; this was especially evident to me in the lobby area. You get the feeling of wanting to float up instead of riding the escalators.


The basic layout of this ship is no different to any other but, of course, on a larger scale. The top deck had a super-tube slide and a huge bucket that tipped over releasing tons of water. Needless to say, it is always busy with both parents and children alike. One thing that was very noticeable to me was the entertainment for the children onboard Breeze. Besides the super-tube slide, there is a huge gaming arcade, as well as Foosball and other ship games all around the decks.



The casino is very big and not being a gambler myself I was fascinated with a few of the machines that have bundles of dollar notes as the prize. How hard it is to win this money I couldn’t tell you.


The food was pretty much the same as on Freedom; I am not talking about the restaurants here as they are always closed when the ships are in port. You can get the usual Guy Fieri Burgers, Pizzas, Tacos, Tandoori, Curries, roast meats and a large variety of warm and cold salads. Of course, my favourite is always the cakes, this time; the Key Lime cheesecake was the best.


P3243589 P3243721

There are two large restaurants for guests, the main meals – breakfast lunchc and dinner – are served here except when the ship is in port. All around the ship you will also find lounges; some have music to entertain you.



The theatre on Breeze was a little disappointing for me as I expected something more dramatic in the decor. Freedom’s theatre was definitely the better one. KC and the Sunshine band was performing that evening at 8 pm. We did not stay for the show. The performers come onboard while the ship is in port and then leave after their performance. Of course, the ship does have its own entertainment that is always on board, and they perform every night.


I am in awe of the grandeur of these ships one day I hopefully will go on a cruise on this magnificent ship.


I took over 200 photos of this great vesssl so please pop over to our Facebook travel page and enjoy them

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