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I have had to redo the posts/blogs from the 14th and 15th December 2015 since they have disappeared from my website mysteriously and of course the web hosts claim no fault.  I do apologise for this unprofessional attitude and have re-written them as one post as best possible. I’d appreciate it if you would pop over to our Facebook page to view all the photos;

Our time at CasaAnna.

Our little group of three for communion on Sundays became a group of five. We sang fellowshipped together but mostly we gave praise to God and took communion in memory of Jesus’ sacrifice. We discussed the wonderful opportunities to make disciples of men in this tiny little village of Puerto Cayo. Exciting things are afoot here; please continue to pray for the increase in God’s work.
We went to the town square, and the local lads were playing indoor soccer, you can come here almost every night (or early evening), and they will be playing. They have so much fun and while we were enjoying the entertainment we reminisced about our youth and the days when we played soccer, cricket rugby and many other sports in the streets. It is a fabulous sight to see still happening in today’s world.

From here we walked home and along the way stopped at the main beach to watch the local surfers catching the last waves of the day. The sound of the ocean is unbelievably loud, and we realized it is because the ocean is layered with small rocks of the most splendid colours. If you go to our Facebook page, I have posted a video for you to hear the sound of the ocean. Once more I am in awe of God’s creations.

I was delighted to be invited to the expat ladies lunch. They meet once a month for lunch and a good catch-up. Thank you for the new friends I have made. I had a pizza, and although it looked small, it was so very filling and too yummy for words.

Nothing goes to waste in Ecuador, look at this brilliant Christmas tree made out of recycled tyres. How clever.

At CasaAnna, we have worked hard, but the biggest accomplishment was the battle against the cockroaches. Ali and I were given the task of spring cleaning the lapa. Horror movie yes!! We moved the stove and grill to clean behind it and found a colony of cockroaches, urgh! We sprayed every kind of poison we laid our hands on and stomped them dead until we won the battle. A few days later we went to do a second run and were glad to discover that there were only a few stragglers but no colonies.

They were going to seal the floor that week, so we gave the floor a good scrubbing down to make sure it was clean and free of any stains or unwanted marks. Ali tackled the little area/passage between the lapa and the boundary fence. This area would make a lovely herb garden if someone would just take the time to care enough to do it.
We had two Italians men join us for a few days. What lovely fellows and very hard workers. All the men got stuck into cleaning the windows, inside and out. A thankless job especially when they get the direct sea air – they were no sooner clean when they looked grubby again.

Ali and I we asked to remove the rust stains from the cement. I must just say here that South African Health and Safety would have a field day issuing fines in Ecuador. No masks, goggles or gloves while we worked with acid removing the stains. Nonetheless, we did a sterling job.

Every day the leaves in the lapa area got raked up and without fail, I encountered ants carrying pieces of leaves to their destination. This particular ant is very large, but they don’t bite and at times might be mistaken for spiders – eeeek! But watching them carry their load I have to wonder how fantastic God’s creations are.

The owner of CasaAnna arrived while we were in Bahia de Caraquez and when we arrived back on Monday night she welcomed us into her home like family. We left there for Puerto Lopez carrying wonderful new friends in our pocket.


The review that CasaAnna left for us on Workaway .. What can we say we are so blessed;
“Wow, what a team! They are hardworking, honest and a whole lot of good company to have around. We were so lucky to have them come and work with us.
We can’t thank you guys enough for all the hard work you did, trying your hand at anything and everything, and all with an amazing attitude. We really do miss you already. Thank you!! :)”

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