Chase, BC, Canada – a little gem.

Tucked away in the Shuswap Lake region of British Columbia, Canada is a little village, still wrapped in the old world called Chase. Thriving on forestry and tourism Chase is a delightful and refreshing place to visit.

This quaint village has one main road beautifully decorated with colorful flowers hanging from the lampposts and in neatly landscaped beds. You will find all the regular stores, coffee and bakery shops, a library, post office, fire station, and a museum.  

The museum is accomplished with information, photos and artifacts depicted the proud history of Chase.

Alongside the lake is Memorial Park. Locals and tourist alike enjoy the peace and tranquility of the picnic area, play area, and the spray park; children are never without entertainment here.

The Chase Creek Falls rushes water down from the mountain tops and into the Thompson River. For the adventurous people, a Zip Line will take you over three waterfalls ending at the base of the Chase Creek Falls. Tubing down the Thompson River is also a favorite activity.

There is an abundance of hiking trails, such as at the Tsutswecw Park, that will lead you through the forests and alongside streams and rivers, for both the experienced hiker and for casual walks, especially for families with small children. No matter how fit (or not) you are a hike through the forests is spectacular. While at the park you can enjoy being edcucated in the Salmon that breed in these parts.

Take a trip into the past and visit The Heritage Park. An erected village built as it would have been in 1934.

From Chase in any direction are small villages like itself as well as camping sites and lodges. One camping site in particular that impressed me was Pillar Lake; here you can hire a barge for a few hours and enjoy peaceful fishing and a wonderful day under the sun on a lake.

During the few weeks, I spent in Chase I felt so safe and at peace. It is a small community that truly strives to maintain its way of life away from city influences.

2 thoughts on “Chase, BC, Canada – a little gem.

  1. Wow – beautiful! Canada really has so many diverse and beautiful places – it would literally take months (if not years) to travel and explore them all. Thank you for sharing this hidden gem!

  2. Really a beautiful area. That whole valley spread out to Sicamous and Salmon Arm with all the water and mountains and waterfalls attracted me there back in 2011 for a vacation. Salmon Are it one place I often thought about moving too.

    Thanks for sharing.

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