Close your eyes…..and See

Have you seen Jesus on the cross?
On a road trip once I read the gospels and I cried quietly while lying on the back seat of the car. For a while it was all I could think about, and then time took over and I forgot that feeling of complete love Jesus has for us.
That is what happens to us, we are fickle human beings that tend to forget important things way too easily.
Have you seen Jesus on the cross?
The answer must be – Yes! We have seen countless movies and seen an endless stream of motivation photos on various social networks.
But that is not what I mean.
Have you really, really seen Jesus on the cross?
Try this exercise – close your eyes and see your husband or wife, your child or even your grandchild suspended on the cross.
See the pain in their eyes, see their limb body trying to relieve itself from the intense and unbearable pain.
Remember as they were nail onto the cross the excruciating and agonizing pain that cascaded through their body.
They hung there unable to move for fear of more pain all the while their lungs are collapsing and starving the rest of their organs of blood and oxygen.
Look at your loved one hanging on the cross with tears in their eyes for you because they love you.
Can you bear to see them in so much pain. Can you bear to see them suffer so much.
Look at them hanging on the cross for you and just before they die their last unselfish act is for you…they ask for forgiveness for you.
Now put Jesus’ face in the place of your loved one’s face!
Look at how Jesus loved you. Look at how Jesus hung on a cross for you. He loved you so much!
Don’t make the mistake of forgetting the undying love of Jesus.
The love you have for your partner, child or grandchild is miniscule compared to the love Jesus has for you.
Feel it in your hearts and live it in your lives.
For there is NO greater love than the love of Jesus.
I pray you will walk in the light of Jesus and remember the greatest sacrifice of all time.
God bless always

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