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Usually, I don’t make official complaints as it rarely gets you anywhere; although I never got anywhere this time either I feel compelled to share my experience of Delta Airlines.

Excitedly I boarded my Delta flight DL682 from Cozumel, Mexico to Hartsfield Jackson International airport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA on July 17th 2018. The flight was about 4 hours, and I have no issues with the cabin crew; they were pleasant enough.

Just before we started making the descent to Atlanta, I became very itchy on my side, upper shoulder and inner legs near the knees; thinking nothing of it, I scratched the itchy areas as a person normally does.  I had an 8-hour layover in Atlanta and decided to make use of the Delta VIP facilities (no complaints here either.) By the time I had reached the Delta VIP I was itchy all over my body, mostly on my legs. I made use of their showers and changed my clothing; the itching did not stop, and I noticed that there were bite marks where I was scratching.

My next flight from Atlanta to Incheon International airport, Seoul South Korea was 15hrs. By the time I landed in Seoul I was bat crazy from the itching. My daughter, Cara was horrified to see the number of bites and the size of them.

Abdomen – right ribcage
Left leg – inner calf
left leg – back above ankle
Rght leg inner – above ankle
Rght leg outer – below knee
Right shoulder
Right upper arm


I emailed Delta from their website and having taken photos of the bites I uploaded one photo as evidence (you are only permitted one attachment.) On 30 July I received a reply from Delta and a case no. They informed me that their planes are sanitized after every passenger has disembarked. Well, I was not accepting this and replied saying that I had attached photos of most of the bites and trust that they would investigate the matter. Their reply to my rebuttal was “Thank you once again for your comments.  We understand your point of view and although we cannot deny your state, thanks to the pictures you sent, at the same time, we cannot confirm you suffered this in a Delta establishment. Additional to this, we have no record of another passenger suffering from the same condition.

We are very sorry for your situation and wish you get well soon”

And that was that conversation and matter closed. I did reply to say I thought they were very inconsiderate and even if every passenger complained I would never know so naturally they would say that.

A month since that flight and I still have scars on my person from the bites.

Right leg outer below knee – 1 mth
Right leg outer above knee – 1 mth
Left leg outer below knee – 1 mth
Left leg back above ankle – 1 mth


I guess there is no way I could ever prove my case but all I can say is I was bitten by something not once but many times on that Delta DL 682 flight regardless of what they say.

My return flights were without issues, I will, however, reserve my right to avoid flying with them again.

3 thoughts on “Delta bites

  1. Jeepers Aileen that is awful. I take you any bet more passengers must have complained! Glad to hear that the flight back was not as bad. You would at least expect them to apologise or offer you a discount in a future flight.

  2. OUCH.

    As for their customer service…

    It has been – statistically – proven that any person who has a good or bad experience can INFLUENCE up to 250 others (not just expose or notify, but influence decisions).

    Keep in mind that some of those would be “repeat customers”.

    They would have been better off if they chose to accept responsibility, and even offer you a cash settlement.

    Were you ever able to find out what caused it?

    All the best

  3. I think it was mites or something similar, well that is what I summized from the look off the bites. Thanks for your comment if anything I hope people will read this and offer their experience if they had one too.

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