Easter – It’s about Jesus not a bunny

Let us place in our hearts the magnitude of what this day really is all about. It is not about a silly bunny (that does not even lay eggs) it is about the death of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

On this day Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of sacrificing Himself for our sins. (John 1:29)

Under the law of Moses a lamb was sacrificed every year and when the lamb was sacrificed not a bone was to be broken. (Ex 12:46, Num 9: 11-12)

The criminals on either side of Jesus had their limbs broken to speed up their death. When they got to Jesus, He was already dead. Therefore the prophecy of the Lamb was fulfilled (John 19: 31-34)

Jesus is our Sacrifice once and for always – all we have to do is accept Him through baptism and we can have eternal life in Heaven.

Would you sacrifice yourself in this manner? I doubt it very much. Jesus loved us so much He sacrificed Himself fo our sins!!!

Give your life to Jesus, salvation is Free.


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