Look for the unexpected and you will find the treasure.

Through a series of events via my daughter’s photography (Mik ‘n Drik Photography) I have had the opportunity to meet the fabulously talented Carlos Cocom; this is his story.

Leaving Mexico City, or as is commonly known as Chilango, his hometown at the age of sixteen he found himself on this wonderful Island called Cozumel. Here he lived with his grandfather kept menial jobs never being satisfied with the normal 9-5 routine or in fact having to take orders. Carlos decided to become an entrepreneur selling anything and everything. He has a great love for the outdoors, being in the jungle or the deep of the ocean and so he worked as a tour guide for many years. A man he came in contact with changed his life forever; he met Javier Soler, who became Carlos’ mentor and a lifetime friend.


Javier worked with recycled materials that he made into statues of any type he especially enjoyed making comical characters. He had a lot of work and offered Carlos a job teaching him all the tricks of the trade in the art of making paper Mache’ statues. Carlos learnt quickly and although he always knew he had an artistic flair or talent he had no idea of how or where to channel it. He began to explore working with fibreglass and still during all this time he did not realise this was the road he would eventually settle on as he still kept his entrepreneur business to make ends meet financially. He believed this was a hobby until one day it finally dawned on him that this was no longer pocket money but good business, besides the fact that he loved doing it. Fibreglass Fantasies became a reality.


He has never marketed his business it has been purely word of mouth advertising. His style is different to his friend and mentor Javier; his style is authentically Mexican, images of the Mayan cultures and Mexican sea life mostly. Carlos says he does not understand why he cannot draw a face of a person on paper and yet give him the fibreglass materials, and he will create the image perfectly. He still finds this extremely amusing even after all these years.

His works are all over Cozumel and in shops and stalls, but he mostly does pre-orders. He once made a Sea Turtle for a mural on 65 Ave, next to Burger King. However, someone decided to steal it for them self – what a sad shame that is.

Seven months ago he and his wife Erika opened a coffee shop on 65 Ave called Ciri’s Coffee Bar, and they will eventually start a gallery there for his pieces of magnificence. From my personal experience, they sell the best coffee on the Island or that I have tasted anywhere, and I love my coffee.


Besides the fibreglass statues Carlos also does the more technical aspects of fibreglass such as fixing submarines, boats, and bikes, he even paints wall murals and makes lamps from driftwood, but his passion will always remain Fibreglass Fantasies.

This beautiful masterpiece has been entered into a competition so let’s all pray for a favourable outcome. As soon as the results are in you will be informed.


The people of Cozumel continue to intrigue me and especially so when I meet someone as genuine as Carlos and his wife, Erica. Get out and meet the real people of Cozumel you will be amazed.

Carlos can be reached on + 52 987 101 6615 or by email

All photos are courtesy of Mik ‘n Drik Photography.

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