We are finally on the plane – Etihad Airways leaving from Johannesburg to Abu Dhabi and then to JFK New York.


PB090182  PB090181


What an awesome airline, plenty of leg space and really great food. I had lamb stew and Ali had chicken biryani..absolutely nom nom.

Boris & Nadia Lederer gave us a survival kit as a farewell gift and one of the items was this Lunch Bar. We have been saving it for the day we finally were in the air and on our way. We had a glass of very nice red wine to celebrate with it.

PB090188 PB090190 PB090192 PB090194 PB090195

There was a lot of turbulence along the way and especially when dinner was being served. The flight crew had to actually leave their duties and sit wherever there was a seat closest to them. Of course this did not bold well with Ali at all.

But the best part of the flight was being privileged to witness God’s incredible creation of sunrise. Here are a few photos I took of this splendor.

PB100210 PB100217

At Abi Dhabi airport we caught the sun hanging like a ball amidst the planes as we were walking into the airport.


After 13hrs finally we approach JFK just above the clouds. Can you see the icicles on the window. The flight from Abi Dhabi had a lot of turbulence as well and the poor crew had to be seated while serving meals again. The food was as with the previous flight excellent, especially the green beans with coconut.


It was raining in New York the day we landed and so we were very grateful we changed our minds about spending the day there before continuing with the journey.

Next blog …. we arrive in Ecuador

God bless and thanks for following our journey


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