Parrilla Mission – Cozumel Island, Mexico

Ali and I have driven passed Parrilla Mission more than a dozen times and kept saying we should visit there. Well, we finally did, and we were pleasantly surprised.

Beautifully tranquil and clean Parilla Mission invites you to enjoy its surroundings and relax.

They have a Tequila tour (very popular tourist attraction) and a restaurant that serves the traditional Mexican meals. The restaurant was a bit pricey for us, but for the tourist, who pay in dollars, it is very affordable.

All the features in the serene garden are made from recycled products; from the tree, lamps to plant holders and fountains. They even catch the rain for water and use the well that is still operational.

There is a little curio store and a lovely friendly sales lady. You can enjoy a spa and their accommodation at your leisure.

Parrilla Mission sponsors the trophies for the local Softball League.

This picture indicates how the Tequila is made; it is so fascinating, who knew a cactus would be such a versatile plant? They still use the old donkey mill, to grind or crush the plant.

What a treasure of a place in our fabulous Cozumel.

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