Poetry in Cozumel

The Universty of Quintana Roo are doing fabulous work in the English Language department. Their strive to facilitate their students to master the English Language is admirable.

On 9 December 2016 they held their first poetry competition. There were eight finalist that recited poems and were judged on; Memorization, Emotion, Pronounciation & Modulation, Voicetone and Posture. The students took to their tasks with enthusiam, excitement and some nerves, eager to impress the judges.

I was asked to be one of four judges, and accepted in a heartbeat. One of the judges had to pull out at the last moment and Ali (my husband) stepped up to the mark.

Our decisions and scores correlated and we had our winners;

First – Jessica Basto Cortes

Second – Karla Gutierrez Martinez

Third – Carlos Cauich Burgos

Congratulations to the winners and to the English Language department at the University of Quintana Roo for an excellent event and I truly hope that there will be more to come in the future.

Four judges in front surrounded by the competitors and their coaches. The lady on the far left is Jessica – the winner


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  1. What an honour indeed! But what a good choice to have you as a judge, you are more than qualified! Its so nice to see inspiring and uplifting news such as you continue to provide. And well done to all the competitors xxxx

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