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We all have a bucket list of things we want to do before we part this earth, I have been fortunate enough to get a few checked off my list. On 6th April 2016 I got extremely blessed to make another check against my bucket list – I went scuba diving.

My son-in-law Sasha made the arrangements and down to the ocean we went, a little nervous but very excited.

We waited at Tikila Bar for our instructor Mario Ceh, had a cold drink and allowed our toes to mingle in the sand while we watched other divers and snorkelers having the time of their lives.  Mario, a man with the friendliest face, greeted us with such a happy cheer that I knew that today was going to be a great day.


He went through the drill of the equipment, the signs, the safety issues and all that I needed to know for a first-time dive. I must admit I got a tiny bit anxious that I would not remember any of it and admitted to this, but Mario calmly assured me that he would be near me at all times, and he was.


Getting the equipment on is a piece of cake except the wetsuit! I would like to know how they do it in the movies and documentaries where they just slip these wetsuits on like a pair of underwear it is hard work I tell you. I was exhausted and sweating when I finally managed to walk out of the change room only to be told I had it on the wrong way round; I felt so stupid.


Into the water and deep enough to put the fins on, Mario adjusted my mask, we practiced a bit of breathing with my head under the water and once I felt confident we submerged and went on a joy ride that I will treasure forever. For the first few meters down Mario made sure to hold my arm all keeping me relaxed and of course making sure I did not panic. I must say I was disappointed that the lovely sunshine had disappeared behind the clouds just as we entered the water and I was under the impression that the visibility would be poor, well guess what? I was wrong!


I was in the middle of a 4D movie, and it was spectacular. The clearness and brightness of colours were so extreme that never have I seen so many beautiful fish in my life. I find it difficult to get the right words to justify the gloriousness of the world in the ocean.



I got to see a lobster and for a moment I imagined it on my dinner plate, but then it looked so pretty in the rocks that the image left quickly. There were plenty of Rays about and the best of all was the Flounder fish, so funny swimming sideways with both eyes on top.




There are many commemorative statues and dome-like features that have deliberately got set on the ocean bed for the benefit of the sea life. In return, this makes a diver’s adventure more enjoyable too as the chance of seeing all these amazing creatures are far greater. Sometimes I think God created the ocean life in all its splendour knowing what a mess us humans would make of the earth above. I was hugely impressed with the fact that I did not see one piece of litter for the duration of the dive.



All good things have to come to an end, and so did my adventure and the air in my tank. I know I am probably biased, and since this was my first scuba dive, I don’t have a basis of comparison but Mario was the perfect instructor; patient, funny, entertaining and informative. I would highly recommend him to everyone – his details are below.


I was pleasantly in awe and wonder of the life in the ocean, from fish to the coral to the plant life and looking upward to the dangling legs of snorkelers I know they were blown away by what they were able to see.


If ever you want to be blown away by a magical experience go for a dip in the ocean with a tank full of air, and I guarantee it will change you forever.

IMG_0473 IMG_0480

Mario Ceh’s contact details;

or Facebook

I have so many photos from this incredible experience that I will overload my website if I upload them all. So please visit our travel page on Facebook and take a look, there is also a video to view (All photos and video curtisy of Sasha, Mario and Mik n Drik Photography.

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1 thought on “Scuba Dive Cozumel

  1. Such beautiful photo’s!!! You really look like you were have a ball down there. I was intrigued by the statue heads. You are very fortunate to be experiencing loads of new things. God has blessed you indeed! Keep up the good work, I am so proud of you guys. Mik and Dirk take the most awesome pictures. They are good at what they do that is obvious. Love you millions and take care. xxxx Hugs and squeezes for Ali.

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