Spa on Air – Incheon airport Seoul, South Korea

During a long layover between flights there is nothing worse than hanging around an airport; sitting on those cold hard seats or wandering around the shops without being able to buy anything because they are so expensive and never mind the fact that you don’t really need to buy it. You could go to a VIP lounge of your airline if you’re prepared to pay $50 for free food and drinks (for only specific drinks). But there is nowhere to sleep in these VIP lounges – yes, you can shower but, not sleep.

At most Asian airports, you will find a Spa on Air.

At the spa, you are welcomed warmly and offered great hospitality. For your convenience, you are given a locker (if your bags are too big they are kept for you in a room). I cannot express the safety of these spas. Some traveler’s luggage was too large, and they were kept in on a trolley at the spa entrance – totally safe. Coming from South Africa, even Mexico this concept boggles the mind, but it is truly 100% safe.

Along with the armband security lock for your locker, you also get sleep clothes, a nice comfortable pair of cotton trainer shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt. Very comfortable!

You have the pleasure of hot tubs, to soak away your flight weariness and it is for you to enjoy for as long as you wish. From the tub enjoy a large high-pressure shower and then take advantage of their hairdryers, flat-irons, body lotions, even hair brushes and combs, cotton pads, and earbuds. They make every attempt to make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Once you are spritely clean and dressed then you will make your way to the sleeping areas; the general area is where men and women sleep combined but if you prefer there is a private women’s room and one for the men too. Sleeping mats are provided, but my advice is to take your own pillow, the pillows they provide are not that comfortable.

I am so grateful for my experience at Incheon airport Seoul, South Korea as I now know what airports could be like and it is disappointing that this is not available at all international airports.

The Spa on Air costs $22.

On the funny side – Cara (my daughter) was sleeping next to a lady that was snoring so loud Cara actually woke her up twice. She then moved to another mat. I woke up just before 3 am – my biological clock went off knowing we had to get up about that time. As I sat up to look for her since she was no longer next to me, her alarm went off. Her alarm sound is a bunch of ducks quacking and very loudly too. Behind her, a bunch of old ladies flew off their mats with the sound of the loud quacking. All I saw was legs and arms flying as they tried to figure out what was happening. An extremely funny had to be there moment at 3 am. Priceless.

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