Sparkling Pool and a Baby Shower

28th December 2015
I caught up on much needed social media etc., and Ali cleaned the top edge of the pool. While the pool gets cleaned on an almost daily basis this has been neglected; Junior once more was bowled over at Ali’s ingenuity and the results he has brought with it.

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My shift began at 5 pm but was nicely interrupted with a baby shower for Paula, which we were all invited. The décor, I helped to set up earlier, is too precious. Paula’s grandmother made them or had them made.


Paula got everyone involved in the games; Ali had to compete with Michelle in a drinking competition – drinking coke from baby’s bottles, it was hilarious, and sadly Ali lost. I played musical chairs and yes I lost too.


In the middle of all the fun and games, we were blessed once more with a magnificent sunset. I have added a video of the sunset on our Facebook page

Then it was back to work as a few guests had arrived and ordered a meal, besides all the cleaning up of the baby shower. I made garlic shrimps instructed step by step by a very strict Paula, the vibe in the kitchen with these wonderful women is awesome – I don’t understand half of what they say, but it is fun anyway. We get by using hand signals and broken English/Spanish one would think we were playing charades at times.


We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and get to know amazing people along our travels. God is great.

Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for loads of photos and videos. I have recently added a video of the birds, called Boobies, diving into the ocean catching fish – this happens on a daily basis, and they’re not at all fazed by surfers or swimmers that are in the water where the fish is either.

The sign Ali made to indicate the detour will finally get put up by the freeway tomorrow morning, and Wednesday is our day off so who knows what the day will bring?

Always remember God loves you so much.

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