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What can I say about Xcaret (pronounced esh-caret) that is not available online? Not much except only to reiterate that it is tremendously awesome.

Xcaret is an adventure park and resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. There is an abundance of these adventure parks here; Explor, Xel-ha, Rio Secreto just to name a few.

The land was purchased privately in 1984 by a group of Mexicans. As they cleared and cleaned the five hectares, they discovered cenotes (sinkholes), underground rivers and Mayan ruins. It was on these discoveries that the ideas of an ecological and educational adventure park were born. Xcaret finally opened in 1990.

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Clear, distinctive and well-marked pathways lead you around the park, with an easy to follow map you receive on entry.


You can spend the entire day at the beach or you can take part in the Dolphin shows, float down the river (life vests, fins and snorkels are available) through a Mayan village, or you can take the cave route; do both if you want.


Dive with the stingrays, swim with the Manatees visit the museums and ecological, historical sites. Eat at the many all you can eat buffet restaurants. We ate la Laguna and from our seat, we were privileged to watch a Panther at play. Unfortunately, we could not get any clear photos of this dazzling creature. The food was brilliant with a variety of every kind.


But the best is always left for last! At 6 pm a Charreada, an equestrian show depicting Mexicans finest attributes gets performed. The show is interesting, entertaining and fabulous. Afterwards, people are permitted to meet the riders and the horses.


From the Equestrian show, everyone rushes off to the Gran Tiacho (grand theatre) that seats six thousand people comfortably. It is a beautifully designed theatre that immolates a Mayan ruin with a perfect view of the stage no matter where you sit. The sound is excellent, drawing you into the theatrics of the show. The show is a historical journey from the Mayan heritage to the Mexico of today. The show starts with the Mayan sports Ulama and a fireball game that is similar to hockey (this seems to have been another version of the sport.) which is spectacular as well as exciting. The first half is a time travel from the Mayan era, with the Spanish invasion, the revolution and all the various culture changes. The second half concentrated on the traditions of the various provinces finally ending with a Charro riding in on a magnificent white horse carrying the Mexican flag among white doves. This show is nothing but spectacular and outstanding; it made me feel patriotic never mind that I am not Mexican



Every minute spent here at Xcaret was worth it and when or if I can afford it again one day, I will be there. You should go too.

All photos are courtesy of Mik ‘n Drik Photography and there are plenty more to view on our Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/AliandAileenMissions/

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