A New Restaurant

20th November 2015

With a little hard work, some imagination (I don’t have much of that) and a few recycled items we have finished the restaurant at Los Suenos. Now all it needs is food and drink items, a chef, waiters, barman and clientele. Actually it is still not completely finished. Only the seated area section is finished.

It has such lovely setting right on the beach and the sound of the ocean is like music in the background. I cannot vouch for the sunset as I have yet to see one. Ironically the only day we have seen the sun was on the day it was decided we would get the cement work done. We never got to see a sunset as by late afternoon the sun was once again gone.

The last time I mixed cement and sand together was when I was about ten and my dad built a wall in the back yard. I mixed cement for him so this was fun and good exercise.



I mentioned one day to the owner Todd that using pieces of drift wood on the tables for decor would look pretty with a hessian table runner. Next thing I knew he had found old hessian curtains and table cloths and lots of pieces of drift wood on the beach and left them all for me in the restaurant. It took them two days to locate scissors and that was only when I asked our lovely friends Matthew and Michelle Tupy if they had a pair to lend me. (You can follow them on https://www.facebook.com/andoffwewent/)

I washed/rinsed all the hessian in the swimming pool but they were still so creased that Ali ironed them all and still couldn’t get all the creases out.. nevertheless Todd was very impressed with the finished result.



Us Workawayers decided to have our own roof wetting dinner on Saturday night for the restaurant. We made grilled chicken and veggies and had a very merry time learning about each others cultures and countries – South Africa, Canada and Australia.


For more photos please visit my Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/AliandAileenMissions/

The next post is on the Pacoche monkey trail and we found a mall..yes we did!

God bless

3 thoughts on “A New Restaurant

    1. ah excellent thanks for following us along our way..we shall be Sharks supporters no matter where we are. It’s fun telling people about our Sharks team etc..hopefully the next season we will be able to share great news of how our team is playing xxx

  1. Heard Ali klapping out the Zulu while mixi g cement. Was great watching him having fun and serving God at the same time. Just awesome you two. Love you guys.

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