Jungle monkeys and a Mall

21st November 2015

Today we went to a dense area – not quite a jungle but there were enough mosquitoes and goggas to convince us otherwise. I cannot imagine what it must be like in the summer, I’m sure the noonoo’s carry you away. It is a 2km walk so be sure to wear good walking shoes as we did because it gets very slippery in some areas and you have to dodge the monkey poop too.


The place is called Pacoche Monkey trail. It is lovely and to see the monkeys in their natural habitat is absolutely awesome. Although they were very lazy and only sat on the branches like big blobs (occasionally moving) it was still wonderful to see them. There is a vast amount of animal life here – the snails are huge – but very few visible from the pathway.  We did get to see two Iguanas sleeping in the tree tops.

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The natural fauna and flora was stunning. Some of the roots of the trees stick out of the ground as if they are trees themselves and they have thick moss stuck to it. The orchids grow wildly on trees, some look more like orchid trees that the tree they actually supposed to be. Some of the trees are up to 300 years old and so majestic. There is a plant here that looks like a reed but it is the plant they use to make the hats in Panama (our guide Hector is holding the plant in one of the photos). Also there is an aloe type plant that has this small fruit, it tastes just like pineapple.





After this jungle parade we took a drive to Manta. it is supposed to be one of the bigger better cities but honestly it is just uglier. We did find a mall though. It was wonderful to feel like we were back in first world surroundings even if only on a small scale. We had a Subway for lunch and it went down extremely well



Thanks again to our wonderful new friends for taking us with them in their hippie kombi. Please follow Matthew and Michelle Tupy and their two children as they travel from Peru to Canada at www.andoffwewent.com

Tomorrow I will tell you all about our move to the new host …an exhausting day!!

God bless you lovely people

PS! Don’t forget you can see more of the photos on my Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/AliandAileenMissions/



3 thoughts on “Jungle monkeys and a Mall

  1. Hey you two. I am blessed to just be able to say I know you and share with my friends what you are up to each day. I feel as though we are all included in your journey and the work you are doing. You seem to be having loads of fun at the same time. This is such an awesome adventure you are taking us on. Keep up with the updates………..I look for them daily. Your hearts are huge!! Love you guys. xxx

    1. Thanks my darling friend..I cant wait to share with you all every time we go somewhere or do something special. I love to hear that people are reading and following our travels especially the people I love most dearly – you xxxxxx

  2. Hi Guys
    You are living the dream that you have always dreamed about. I’m very chuffed for you both. Have fun. Preach the Word! Live in the moment and know you are loved. XXX Love Mark and Sharon

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