Which cover do you prefer

Hello all

I have received the drafts for the new book’s cover. This will be the book I wrote for Javonne Cupido.

I think they are both AWESOME and cannot decide so a little help please.

Another release coming soon, shoo love it when it gets to this stage of the publishing.

Have a super fabulous day and remember God loves you so much He died for you.

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28 thoughts on “Which cover do you prefer

  1. Hi Eileen, These days most people see book covers as tiny thumbnails on a website, or even on their phones, so the designer has to take that factor into account and create a cover that is completely readable at a tiny image size, including the author’s name. I like the bottom cover better, but the bright red writing against the purple background is difficult to read, and I know some older people who would not be able to read it at all. I respectfully suggest using a proper display font, some color other than red, and make the kerning and capitalization consistent to look more professional. Best of luck! -Karen P.S. diybookcovers.com has great tips for cover design.

  2. Hi,
    I agree with Karens comments about readability on an iPhone or larger.
    I much prefer the first design, it appears more graphic and jumps out far more than the second more subtle approach.
    Yes, I think the colours are wrong and need to be played around with or else completely revised..
    The overall approach to the design is okay, however I would change the font to something with larger more readable letters.
    Good luck.

  3. I like the larger planet Earth but I find the text very difficult to read. I’m basing this off of the way it displays on my Kindle, which is what I would use to read it. Maybe white or black text and a different font?

  4. Kudos for asking advice.
    Since I cannot read either title, may I suggest you enlarge the title and your name and rerun the test. Right now the ONLY word I can make out is GOD

  5. We are an international book cover design firm. We produce covers for over 1250 authors and we evaluate covers every day, fixing problems for authors and publishers. Open your cover in photoshop, clip off the back cover, and load it on kdp.amazon.com and view the thumbnail. All the problems will become evident, and there are just too many of them to enumerate. But, simply stated, from the thumbnail size you must be able to read the title and subtitle – it can’t be done with either of your covers. Please fix it if you want people to be able to read your title and subtitle, or author.
    Best regards,
    Dr. Jay Polmar – project manager

  6. I like the one on the bottom — bolder and more graphic. Plus the action is stronger — implies something coming to earth.

  7. I prefer the first cover. Mainly because of your message. This is very picky but you are asking for comments. The first one may suggest that God visited the whole world while the second may suggest He visited part of it. I know that is not what was intended and other people will interpret it differently but that is my five eggs’ worth! Good luck with the publication.

  8. I find both covers hard/impossible to read, partly because of the colors, partly because of the font.. And the second cover does not display the authors’ names. There will be situations when only the cover is seen, and the title and authors should both appear there. As someone mentioned, the cover will also be seen as a thumbnail, and should be recognizable and readable in that size.
    I once had the experience of having a cover with white print on yellow. My name was not visible!

  9. I like the first cover. I can’t read the font on my iPad. I would consider a different font. It detracts from the cover. I like the simplicity of the design and the message but a clearer font would make a good cover better.

  10. I prefer the first cover but with changes. Definitely change the font style and color to be more uniform and either black or white. I would increase size of author names some. I would change the title to say “The Day God Came.” If the earth is there, no need to identify by word. If it were my book, I would choose a different cover, one that incorporates a sense of God as well as earth. Maybe a waterfall, the sun or ocean, with light shining on it.
    You could also look at my books on Amazon and see how the title and book cover relate. Go on amazon.com and search for books by Rose Marie Dunphy. My 5 books should come up. Or choose other books to do the same. In other words, research it more. Don’t limit yourself to these two.

    Hope this helps,
    Rose Marie

  11. I can’t read either version, I would start again. Sorry to be blunt.

    As a writer I take exception to the word, ‘AWESOME,’ which is such an overused word these days. It is totally inappropriate for a description of a book cover no matter how good or bad it is.

    Good luck with your redesign and may your God go with you.

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