Beach, Hedges, and a clean Lapa

1st December 2015

Ali and I spent 5 1/2 hours cleaning the beach in front of Las Palmas today. It was scorching hot as we raked the beach, picked up and dumped the rubbish. It was recently spring high so the amount of litter that washed up on the shore was unbelievable. 8 garbage bags full to be exact!

Needless to say our bodies are feeling it.

As if we had not had enough to push our bodies to the limit the next day we decided to clean out the hedges around the pool area and one of the pathways to the beach. The amount  of leaves that was raked out from beneath the hedges left me a few pounds lighter I am sure. Five wheelbarrows full of leaves!!

While I slugged away at that, Ali tore out the overgrown brush on one of the pathways leading on to the beach. Please bear in mind that this is semi dessert region full of scorpions, snakes and spiders. As for the heat well that goes without saying…Its blazing hot. To add a little personal touch we collected large pieces of drift wood off the beach and placed them on either side of the pathway. Hopefully other Workawayers will follow suit and finish off the rest of the pathway.

Hedges Path

Before we ended our time here we made sure that the entrance way and the lapa (here it is called a palapa) was cleaned and presentable. The lapa area was full of building materials and left very dirty by previous Workawayers. It is beyond my understanding that people do this!! I forgot to take a before photo ..sorry again.

We were very proud and satisfied with our efforts here and grateful to Mary and Ed for giving us free reign and their trust to do our work.



We slept so well after these two days work.

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Mary took us to a market in Tarqui about it in the next post.

God bless

Ali and Aileen




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