WOW Tarqui, San Lorenzo and a Sunset

2nd December 2015

Our wonderful and fabulous host Mary took us to a place just on the outskirts of Manta. We went by bus and Ali sat in front behind the driver. His window wouldn’t open and as I have described before they are maniacs on the road. Ali was not feeling too well when we got to the bus terminal in Manta and can’t say I blame him. From here we got in a taxi to Tarqui. This is a mass of markets, streets and streets of them. It is absolutely fabulous. You can get anything you ever wished for there  (except two backpacks – naturally for us to not get want we wanted.) But truly from any veggies you can think of to meat, chicken, pork, lentils, beans, rice, spices, toys, clothing and even spares for anything with a motor. Oh yes let’s not forget cell phones etc. This place is just a maze of  fascination. I have to go back a few more times to see it all.

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It’s not just the market that is wonderful, it’s the lovely friendly people and the odd things you find in odd places and the murals on the walls.


The food is always surprisingly good in Ecuador. A sugar cone with manjar (means delicacy) stuffed in it. Goodness it is so delicious and not too rich at all. Definitely would not feel guilty about eating two of them. Quail eggs – did not eat any of those and the biggest celery I have even seen. This place is simply intriguing.


But what made me love this place the most were these signs outside a little store. Amidst the mayhem of the market is a place where Jesus lives. Amen!


After the market we met our friends Jane and Jim at a restaurant called Krakatoa. Let me tell you Mary took Ali and I on a wayward walk to get there. We saw the downtown area of Tarqui, but we from South Africa we are not scared we are used to this!!

We had a three course meal for $3.75. Cheese soup, Roast chicken and veggies, a meringue dessert and a fresh fruit juice. It was well worth every cent, the food was great and the company excellent.


On the way home (we caught a ride with another expat Segrid that Mary knows) and we stopped to take photos of the beautiful view of San Lorenzo. It is beautiful.

San Lorenzo

We finally ended our day with our first sunset since we arrived in Ecuador. Usually the clouds form late afternoon hiding it. We stood on the roof deck of Mary’s house and shared in God’s glory. Magnificent.


We leave Las Palmas for CasaAnna on the 4th December and will post that update soon.

Don’t forget to follow for all the photos.

God loves you.

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