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Diana A. reviewed Changes From a Sunset

It’s Okay to Feel what you feel July 13, 2016

Beautifully written story about love, a tragedy, and struggling to keep your faith when you want to be angry with God and His plan. It’s also about working through grief and taking another chance on love. I was given a copy of this book for my honest review.

Maria Bethany reviewed Changes From a Sunset

Absolutely beautiful! December 23, 2015

A beautiful story that reminds us that God’s ways are higher than ours and our life’s purpose is to follow His ways and do His will.

Amazon Customer reviewed Changes From a Sunset

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Wonderful! February 7, 2015

Beautiful heartfelt story that reminds us to rely on our beliefs and knowledge when we are in need. Thank you for reminding me.

cristine reviewed Changes From a Sunset

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Amazing January 15, 2015

Amazing book, god has a beautiful plan for all of us, sometimes it’s hard to understand but in due time everything will make a perfect sense.

Samantha reviewed Changes From a Sunset

Grab your box of tissues! January 8, 2015

Beautifully written to help you understand that God works in mysterious ways and that everything happens for His greater good. Jeremiah 29:11. For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord!
Heartwarming and inspiring!

Monica reviewed Changes From a Sunset

Excellent book December 10, 2014

Great book, I already have read it few months ago, but I wanted to read it again because is gem.

Amazon Customer reviewed Changes From a Sunset

A compelling read September 14, 2013

This is a book about love and loss and a new love growing out of the darkness. As the author takes you through the joys of her life before the loss and the trauma of loss, the day to day pressures of preparing funerals while trying to come to terms with death, you will feel with her loss and rejoice with her decisions to draw closer to God.

Jessiqua Wittman reviewed Changes From a Sunset

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An easygoing read October 17, 2012

Changes from a Sunset is an easygoing, predictable read. The storyline starts in the middle of an already strong relationship between Tali and Cole, a couple with no difficulties or relational issues.
And so the tale progresses, with hardly any bumps or bruises. There are a couple embarrassing situations at work and with friends, but there are no big bad mountains or antagonists.
Then the accident occurs. Tali suddenly has to take another look at her life. She sees incredible strength in those around her, but feels terribly inadequate herself. She really appreciates the fact that she’s started going back to church. It helps her with distracting herself and finding things to do.
I won’t spoil the story by telling anymore. It’s a rambling read that covers about six years of Tali’s life. If you love to escape the real world by reading books, Changes of a Sunset is a good read for you. I personally enjoy a bit more direction and purpose in my stories, but this book truly is heartfelt and well meant. The writing itself is easy to read, too.


Alana Woods reviewed Changes From a Sunset

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Heartfelt story sincerely told September 8, 2012

Talia-May Medeck is a back-sliding Christian with a loving family that puts its faith in God. She adores her surfer boyfriend of three years, Cole. He’s everything a girl could want: good looking, loving, cheerful, in fact an all-round nice guy. Life is good until unthinkable tragedy strikes that turns her world upside down and inside out. If she was a back-slider before the tragedy, after it she is reduced to questioning why God allows such terrible things to happen. With the help of family and good friends she struggles to overcome unhappiness and to understand and accept that everything happens for a purpose.

This is a story of a love lost and a love found.

Of novella length, it is a heartfelt story sincerely and simply told.

However, I felt the writing let it down somewhat. The language and dialogue are stilted, they don’t flow. I found myself stopping at times to think that they could have been better written.

Still, as I say, it’s a heartfelt story and it is most definitely sincerely told. So there’s plenty to recommend it.


  Karen Galloway reviewed Changes From a Sunset

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Changes from a Sunset September 6, 2012

This was an easy but thoroughly enjoyable read. It made me laugh, cry and really think. Well done Aileen. Would certainly recommend and guarantee that you too will enjoy and also be challenged. Now just waiting for Aileen’s next book 🙂

. Sandy reviewed Changes From a Sunset

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A beautiful story September 6, 2012

Aileen’s book was beautifully written with so much love. I read it over two days because it was such easy reading and so meaningful. I loved that it included her daily life in the Cape and I could relate to places she mentioned……I felt I was there on this journey with her through happy and sad times. I loved it and am looking forward to her next one.


Kim reviewed Changes From a Sunset

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Review – Changes From a Sunset August 15, 2012

Really loved this book. It is beautifully written and easy to read. Especially enjoyed how the Christian message was woven into the story so effortlessly. Looking forward to the next one.

  Louise DJ reviewed Changes From a Sunset

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Moved July 14, 2012

Beautiful, emotive writing – Aileen, you took me to places with tears and laughter. For a fellow countryman living in Australia, the story allowed me to “visit” the Cape, I love all the localisms, could so relate to the surfing culture and praise God that He moves hearts, always in His time. Your book left me with so much hope and so much joy, thank you so very much, I’m looking forward to passing it around!



3 December 2013

This is a lovely review for Changes From a Sunset from a lady named Joy….
‘When I started reading this book there were kilometers and the Rand amounts and then Gordon’s Bay and by Durbanville (where my daughter stays) it made the book more real and at home. Although I have not yet finished the book yet, I started believing that God could help you if you just let him. The accident was terrible and I cried my eyes out. Please keep up these books as I believe you will bring a whole lot of us closer to God, that our beloved country needs right now. God bless you and yours.’

22 October 2013

Another awesome review ..this is from Charlotte Wolmarans
Dear Aileen, My son Werner ordered both your books for me! I have just finished Changes frrom a Sunset – amazing! Thank you so much. You are so talented! God Bless. You are an inspiration! Lots of love and God Bless. Charlotte Wolmarans

Janet Lubbe / 10 June 2013 ·

A beautiful story of life, love,tragedy and faith that everyone of us can relate to. Familiar places allowed me to feel like a friend,daughter,mother and Child of God-I lived inside all your characters lives-was in the same bay with the surfers the day Cole’s ashes were scattered and with the final sunset I felt Tali’s pain. Simply and beautifully written with a powerful message of keeping in the realm of faith

18 February 2013

Lydia Hale reviewed Changes From a Sunset on Goodreads.
4 out of 5 stars
My dear friend Aileen wrote this, her first book. I can hear her reading it to me! It is a very refreshing and lovely story which I really enjoyed. I wished it hadn’t ended so soon!

Angie Wide / 1 October 2012

This book ……… WOW …… I always say I don’t just read a good book I LIVE IN A GOOD BOOK and Aileen I absolutely LIVED in your book – I honestly enjoyed it – and felt I could relate not only to the characters but to all the places they went to including the lectureships – I laughed and how I cried because it seemed like I really knew the characters – well done Aileen on such a wonderful book and thank you for journey your book took me on – I also back wavered in my faith so could relate on so many levels – looking forward to the next book – BTW have passed on the book to my mom and she is loving it too. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a really good read and one of the best things about this book there isn’t a single vulgar word in it which is unusual for books today – a wonderful gift or stocking filler this festive season too.

13 July 2012

This is a review from the Goodreads website….(very happy face) xx

Rita Coleman’s review
Jun 16, 12

4 of 5 stars

I won this book through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. A delightful well written read. This book shows God is always there for you no matter how long you have let your faith falter. Put your faith in God and you can make it through any rough situation. I like how the

2 July 2012

From Kim Vercueil Visser…..Just finished reading “Changes from a Sunset” and Aileen I love love loved it!! Unpretentious, sincere and so very real. You write so beautifully and your ability to describe things is amazing. The way you wove the Christian message into the story without any effort what so ever was brilliant and I am sure will get many, many people thinking. Will be ordering your book for my daughter and sister to read. Looking very forward to the next one.

Cristina Marks Venturini / 17 February 2012 ·

Just finished your book, it was a great soul warming book! Well done!

Bronwyn Bremner / 3 February 2012

I downloaded the book yesterday and finished it last night – it was an incredible journey for me, reminded me that we need to have faith in God no matter how bad things get – that there is always a plan – thank you Aileen wishing you every success with this one and hopefully more to follow

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