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After more flights, buses and ferry rides, but I must mention both the bus and the ferry were first class and very comfortable, that I care to remember we finally arrived in Cozumel Island Mexico and the arms of our baby daughter Nadine. She arranged with a South African, Tony – The Sausage Man, that lives here to bring boerewors for us. That was a great treat.

We spent the first few days just resting, sleeping and giving my back time to recover from all the traveling. Eventually, we ventured out the front door and walked around the Island a little. Even though it is in the middle of winter here we dress as though it was mid-summer in Cape Town, South Africa; it is hot! I am dreading the arrival of summer.
If you are expecting a third world country, shacks and un-educated people, you will very much be surprised. Along the beach front where the large cruise ships dock you will find the first world influence of hotels certain familiar restaurants and retail stores selling curios, clothing, shoes (authentic Mexican and anything else) and a lot of jewelry shops. The town has a great vibe as it hustles with tourist and locals alike. I must say it is exceptionally clean and yes there is litter in some places, but they do their hardest to keep the litter off the streets. The road through the main touristic section is not made with cobblestones or asphalt but has a design of birds molded into the concrete. It is very pretty and unique. There are also colorful statues of birds along the malecon.


There are two recreation areas or city parks in town; one park has fountains and this huge clock, they both light in a series of different colours. Oh yes so do the trees. Here in the parks, it is so safe, people wander around the shops and restaurants, sit eating candy floss or ice cream and watch the fountains flow – so very peaceful.

Saturday 30th January was Ali and my 34th wedding anniversary, and Nadine took us out to dinner to a restaurant called “The Pub” owned by a South African, Chris. When we walked into the place, the first thing we notice was the SA flag up on the wall. Next time we go, we will take our flag and the Sharks flag with for a photo. It has a beautiful garden in the back where we sat and had a fabulous chicken pot pie – delicious.

On a slightly sunny day, we went to the beach near the lighthouse. There are not many places that have an actual sandy beach on this side of the Island; it is mostly rock pools. They are wonderful to sit in, cool off and watch the sea life. I had a great time with my little underwater camera; I do believe this fish was playing hide-and-seek with me.


P1311359P1311418 edit
Every day we make a point of walking somewhere. Other than the main road along the beach front and a few roads up the rest is mainly residential. Huge double and triple story houses, walled up, locked up and barred up and then in between you have a run-down, dilapidated house that uses its front lawn as a dumping ground. The occupied area of Cozumel is about a third (if that) of the entire Island the rest is vegetation or green-land.
Along one of our many walks, we came across a local restaurant call “Los Nopales” I have never had such a tasty and scrumptious pizza since I can remember. It pays to sometimes frequent the restaurants owned by the locals than the larger flashy ones.

But I am most fascinated by the amount of VW Beatles (for you Saffas – Vollas) here. You will see one on almost every street any time of day either rented or owned – too awesome, it’s like Volla haven. I will have an album on our Facebook page just for them.

As you might remember I was so fascinated with the doors in Ecuador, well here they are not so exquisite, but I have found a few lovely ones and will keep looking but what is very inspiring here is the “Sea Wall Street Art”. Various artists from all over the world have painted murals all over the Island. and please about the purpose of the art here– For this and the doors I have also added albums to our Facebook page.


Tomorrow we are going to a church a few blocks away. Please continue to pray for us that we may be able to serve the Lord with the saints here.
I do hope you will continue to follow Ali and me on our adventures here. In the next blog, I will write about our visit on the Carnival Freedom ship and the 2016 carnival.
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3 thoughts on “Cozumel Island Mexico

  1. As always it is lovely to read about your adventures and look at the awesome photo’s. Gosh I have to say I love the Volla’s. Is there a story behind the huge painting on the building? So happy you have Nadine with you……….he he he he you guys must be loving this traipsing around and having her with you. Continue to do your good works…… proud to know you all these years. Love and hugs to you all. xxx

    1. You make our efforts all the more worthwhile. Thanks my friend for always being so supportive. I’ve added a link to the post where you can read about the Sea Wall art. There are still loads more photos to come, they will be uploaded this week still. Love you loads xx

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