Ecuador Round-Up

And so we leave Ecuador, our first stop along our travels. It is a diverse country – the cities show a sign of first world entities, but the small towns remains in a fourth world hold. Litter is a major problem in all of Ecuador, and it doesn’t seem as though it will be an issue important enough to get resolved anytime soon.
We fell in love with the Ecuadorian people. They are a gentle, passive and peaceful nation. Yes, everything is Manana – just not today but they get away with it, and we just have to accept it.
We never got to see as much as we would have liked to; we were very limited with transport. Yes, the public transport is excellent but it is time-consuming and destinations are limited. They are so many beautiful architectural buildings to see, so many historical memories to share, so many fascinating cities to explore and many, many more beaches and surf-able waves to discover still. Our hearts desire is to return with transportation of our own one day so that we may unravel the mysteries of Ecuador.
We did get see some fascinating places, a quick memory jog reminds me of; Aqua Blanca, Pocoche Monkeys, Rio Blanco and then especially Isla de la Plata. We enjoyed immensely the bustling street markets of Tarqui, the enticing city of Bahia de Caraquez and fell in love with the little fishing villages of Puerto Cayo and Puerto Lopez.
We also were sadly disappointed with the town of Montanita and Jipijapa, but we have been incredibly blessed to have met some fabulous people and stayed in wonderful places. I wish I could replay every memory, but me thinks you would get horribly bored. One of our last days in Puerto Cayo we were happy that the old man selling pork salad rolls was in the town square. He cleans the knife after each one he makes and has his friend stand by with a fan to swish away the flies. The pork rolls are the best we have ever tasted, perfectly complimented with lettuce, onion and tomato with a dash of vinegar, tomato sauce and mayo. Most yummy.


The furniture of Ecuador I will lock away in my mind forever, exquisite and unique and that includes the incredible doors of different shapes, designs and sizes all over the country. But without a doubt what captured our heart strings the most was the ocean and its incredibly breath taking sunsets. It’s never ending waves pounding on the ocean floor producing waves that are surf-able all day, every day will remain with us always.
If you ever get the chance or opportunity to visit Ecuador, don’t hesitate just go. You will never be sorry.
We have left for Cozumel, Mexico where we will be staying for six months. We are not here as Workawayers this time, although Nadine (our daughter) has a list of things that need to get done to the house, we are here to stand beside our daughter and her husband as they bring their first child into the world. How we have been so blessed to receive another grandchild is only by the grace of God. We dearly want to connect with a local church that is a few blocks away from the house, and we ask for your prayers with ours that we may be of any value in assisting in God’s work here in Cozumel.
I pray you will continue to travel with us as we bring you news and adventures from Cozumel. Please join us on our Facebook page as well at

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