Ecuador Round-Up

And so we leave Ecuador, our first stop along our travels. It is a diverse country – the cities show a sign of first world entities, but the small towns remains in a fourth world hold. Litter is a major… Read moreEcuador Round-Up

Turtle Rehabilitation Sanctuary – Puerto Lopez

Since we have been in Ecuador and, in particular, Puerto Cayo, there have been two turtles and a seal (that we know off) that have been rescued and taken to the Turtle Sanctuary in Puerto Lopez. We heard via the… Read moreTurtle Rehabilitation Sanctuary – Puerto Lopez

Isla de la Plata and lots of Booby’s

30th December 2015 At last, our day off arrived and excited to visit Isla de la Plata (Ali was a little apprehensive about the boat trip). The first thing I did was look out the window and nearly cried at… Read moreIsla de la Plata and lots of Booby’s