Turtle Rehabilitation Sanctuary – Puerto Lopez

Since we have been in Ecuador and, in particular, Puerto Cayo, there have been two turtles and a seal (that we know off) that have been rescued and taken to the Turtle Sanctuary in Puerto Lopez. We heard via the grapevine how great the people are that work there and the excellent work that they are doing.
It then was only natural to want to visit the place and see for ourselves. Ali and I walked along the beautiful beach of Lopez to the sanctuary. Nothing beats the scenery and sound of the waves crashing at your feet.
When we got there, I immediately thought that perhaps this was just a temporary station, the two gentlemen and a lady sat inside and hardly acknowledged us. I called out to them and asked if we may go in and the one fellow just shook his head and continued with his conversation. I then asked if there was another rehabilitation place. Again he simply shook his head and ignored me further.

Ali and I walked around the fence as much as we could and realized that clearly this little shed with twelve plastic pools was it.


On our way back to the town we were discussing the rehabilitation sanctuary and we both agreed that had this been in a first world country they would rely on the visitation of tourists and the income generated. Tours and promotional items would get sold and the money hopefully reinvested in the sanctuary. Sadly the turtles here in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador, rely on volunteers for their aid and very little elsewhere.
These are such beautiful creatures and are always in danger by the fisherman. They deserve the best care when they get into trouble. I do pray Ecuador will change their stance on caring for these precious, gentle animals.

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