Surf-able waves – All day

“So you want to surf?
And the waves near the town where you live aren’t half bad. Then you start to improve.
Then you hear about this wave in a far-away country with a name you can’t even pronounce.
What then?
How far are you willing to go?
What sacrifices are you willing to make?
How good do you really want to be?”
In God’s Hands. Zalman King 1998, Narrator Shaun Tomson.

We have been in Ecuador three months and in the sleepy little towns of Puerto Cayo and Puerto Lopez along the north shore I have been mesmerized by the constant sound and sights of the ocean.
Even more so by the dependable, surf-able waves all day every day. Left or right, shore or mid break, they are here for the offering (no need for wetsuits either).

The day I took these photos the waves were small but still good fun, I have seen them much bigger and then maybe not so much fun for some.

Ali and I are truly going to miss the ocean here when we leave on Monday – so if you’re looking for an off the beaten wave – look no further than Puerto Cayo, Ecuador.

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God bless

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