Radar Love – Sneak Peak Review

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if when I finished writing a novel I could simply publish immediately? But sadly I am not one of those writers, in my case, it is edit, edit, and edit at least fifty times. What I… Read moreRadar Love – Sneak Peak Review

Ecuador Round-Up

And so we leave Ecuador, our first stop along our travels. It is a diverse country – the cities show a sign of first world entities, but the small towns remains in a fourth world hold. Litter is a major… Read moreEcuador Round-Up

Quito and the Bus Trip to Puerto Cayo

12th November 2015 Finally we arrived at Quito International Airport Ecuador at 10.50pm. We were taken to the Hostel Colibri nearby the airport by the shuttle service. What a lovely little place. It’s simplicity is so welcoming, it is clean… Read moreQuito and the Bus Trip to Puerto Cayo