Drag Racing Cozumel

Cozumel never fails to entertain me!

I was so thrilled when I discovered there would motorbike racing in Cozumel; I am a big motorbike racing enthusiast – if you know me you will I’m sure agree.

However, I soon found out that it was to be drag racing and not a Cozumel MotoGP. Still, it meant big bikes and loud noises. Eagerly I waited for the weekend of 15th and 16th October.

Unfortunately the week before the event I got very ill and thought I’d never get to see even so much as a motorbike. I had to miss the first day but felt strong enough on the 16th to venture out, and I’m glad I did.

The event is held opposite Paradise beach on the San Miguel road. The road is closed off quite a distance before and after the event. The side road usually used for bicycles and scooters got so congested with cars, bikes, and spectators, but it’s Cozumel; everything is done at an easy pace and stride.


Barriers were placed alongside the road and not before long they were occupied with spectators from all walks of life.

pa165407 pa165408

The bikes competed in two’s (as always with drag racing) at a distance of a ¼ mile and raced against times until the final rounds. They were incredibly loud since we were standing so close – absolutely fabulous.

pa165413 pa165412

The event was well supported and organized and without any major incidents that we have been made aware of. After staying and thoroughly enjoying the action I left after a few hours, still weak from being ill, but next year I will bring you a more in-depth report on all the action.

pa165414 pa165417 pa165419 pa165420

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