Online Course for Free with WBS

I am so thrilled to announce that I am now a study helper at World Bible School (WBS)

WBS is a nondenominational ministry. Christians that support WBS believe that:

– we should follow the Bible only, not human doctrines or opinions;
– nothing should be required of people as acts of faith except that which is evident in the Bible;
– Jesus Christ lived, died, resurrected, and lives today for those who believe in Him, so that they can have hope, joy, love, and life.
– with the Bible as our guide, we should seek to restore the original church of Christ as found in the Bible’s New Testament.
– We believe the Bible alone must serve as the basis for all religious teaching and that all authority in the church belongs to Christ. We are not a denomination, but simply Christians that belong to the “body” of believers of which Christ is the “head”. We plead for religious unity among all believers based on the Bible.


If you wish me to be your study helper please send me a message from the contact page (here) and I will organize a personal campaign.

What have you to loose – the course is free as is Salvation.

God bless


4 thoughts on “Online Course for Free with WBS

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  2. Hi Aileen
    Hope you are all well. Love being part of your and your families lives. You are all such an inspiration.
    I would love to do your online course.
    Please send lots and lots of love to Nadine and family.

    1. Hi Ann Thank you for your kind words we are blessed by God and privileged to have friends like you in our lives.
      I am so pleased you are interested in the course. It is so enlightening.
      the link is If you wish me to be your study helper send me your sudent number once you have registered.
      Lots of love and God bless always

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