What am I up to lately – on Cozumel Island?


Besides living on an Island, safe and free from stress, with a fabulous warm ocean to swim in; I wake up when I want to, go to sleep when I want to and if I don’t feel like working on any given day – well then, I don’t.

This is what keeps me rather busy otherwise;

I’m a study helper with World Bible School (WBS – see my previous blog). Currently, I am assisting 28 students with the course.


Ali and I walk around, taking opportunities to share the Gospel with anyone and encourage them to study either with us or with WBS.

Deadlines for clients I have to meet for the articles and short stories I ghost-write.

Seeking and researching for a traditional publisher for Radar Love, Jamie’s Discoveries and Mr. Trolley Adventurer (look out for my blog about publishing coming soon).

Also actively looking for the perfect producer/director/studio to take the screenplay of Changes From a Sunset and morph it into a fabulous film. The screenplay is also in the final stages of a competition; we wait and pray.

Writing a screenplay to Beautiful Scars; this is one of the short stories in The Sparkle in Her Eyes plus Six more Short Stories.

I have now finished planning and plotting the next novel, for release 2017 titled Return to Me. I have such a good feeling about this story – a woman dies, her heart is donated ..yes, yes, you’ve heard it before ..  but, there is a fabulous twist to this story. Do you want to know what it is? I’ll keep you posted as I write so keep looking out for my blogs.

And, oh yes, keeping you all up to date with my life on the Island via this website. I am very appreciative of all your support please always remember that you are closely held in my heart with loads of love.

What keeps me the busiest though, is playing with my precious Grandchild Maya.


I have to say I am truly so blessed and I am so grateful to God for my life.




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