Baseball in Cozumel

Today the 20th November 2016 I went to my first ever baseball game.


Cozumel hosted the team from Veracruz; they had to travel for eighteen hours plus a ferry ride of an hour. That is total committed and love for the sport!


It was a fabulous day, clear skies and beautiful sunshine shared with fabulous friends at the Estadio De Beisbol Froylan Lopez


We sat for a while at the left side of the stadium until the sun started to cook us into a roast so we moved to where for some reason were a couple of empty seats in the shade.


And if you’re wondering why I am wearing a helmet in the shade this is why! It is also why there were only a few people sitting in the shaded seats. Not too much earlier a ball was whacked through the hole in the fence and almost took some heads off.


We all enjoyed the game immensely even if Cozumel narrowly lost 4-5. At times it got rather heated out there in the field and the sun had nothing to do with it.


Cozumel Baseball has not seen the last of us, its great entertainment on any given Sunday.

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Have a fabulous week

God bless

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  1. I love baseball, if I find it on TV I watch it. What a great way to spend the day doing something excitingly different, its good for the heart and the soul. The helmet looks super cool by the way – sassy and sweet! xxxx

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