27 November 2016

Cozumel Island, Mexico hosted the final and biggest Ironman contest of the year. An outstanding event and grueling; Swim – 3.8k/2.4m, Cycle – 180k/112m, Run – 42.2k/26.2m. This is not for the faint-hearted. I salute all the athletes for their performance and commitment. To the organizers and all support crews – very well done, it was a fabulous event to attend.


The weather was glorious, beautiful sunshine and a cool breeze, however, I imagine the athletes did not spend much time appreciating the view.


We arrived at Cozumel Palace to watch a section of the cyclist course;

imag0547 imag0548

spectators were everywhere as were the officials and police.

imag0506 imag0509

And not to be outdone was the band and entertainment.

imag0592 imag0593

The cyclist appreciated the support as they came past.


We then made our way to the finish line, and it was not long when the stands and any area of space got filled with eager spectators waiting for the winner to appear on the final stretch.

The MC’s for the day got everyone super excited at the possibility of a sub 8hr finish; we waited with great anticipation – Frederik Van Lierde from Belgium crossed the line at 8hr.03.09 – so close.


Second was Matt Russell from the USA at 8.04.24


Third was Chris Letterman at the USA at 8.09.11


The first lady home was Michelle Vesterby from Denmark at 9.08.06


Second was Lauren Brandon from the USA at 9.12.43


Third was Camilla Pedersen from Denmark at 9.14.11


In true Mexican style, the winners were welcomed onto the blue mat to the finish line by a genuine Mexican Mariachi band.

pb270263 pb270264

Cozumel you never fail to impress. We fall more in love with you every day, and when you host a massive international event like Ironman , I am as patriotic as any Mexican, even though I’m South African. I do hope to see athletes from South Africa competing next year!!

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  1. What a happy place! There is always something exciting going on in cozumel – i too am impressed! Love and hugs and thanks for always sharing! xxxxxxx

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