Character Interview with Tali from ‘Changes From a Sunset’

Hello readers, four years ago we all came to know and love Talia-May (Tali) Medeck in Changes From a Sunset; we shared her journey through happiness, desperate sorrow and heartache and were privileged to witness her union to the handsome Josh De Luca.


Our last encounter with Tali was in 2013 when we were lucky that Vanda bumped into her in When is My Forever.


Well, I thought it would be a wonderful time now to catch up with Tali and find out what she has been up to over the last four years. I am pleased to share this little interview Tali so graciously shared with me.

A. Tali thank you for the chance to catch up with you. How are you?

T. Hello Aileen, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be here. I was so thrilled when you called as I miss you and the readers terribly. Whenever Changes From a Sunset gets read, I feel a joy just as I did the first time.

A. So what is Tali up to these days?

T. I am still a partner at Rio Adventures but work from home these days; I have three very busy children that constantly need my attention.

A. How is Rio Adventures doing in this unstable country and economy?

T. Very well, we seem to have an increase of tourists every year. We also have a branch now in Cozumel Island, Mexico. We work closely together with Mexico encouraging tourist to visit our countries.

A. How is our favourite character, Josh?

T. (Tali blushes like a little school girl talking about her first crush. Clearly she is still madly in love with our Josh.) Oh, he is still the most perfect person on earth. He treats the children and me like treasures. Since Mr. De Luca retired, Josh has a workload and a half, but he always manages time for his family. He even surfs these days – Tali laughs.

A. The children, you said you have three children now?

T. Yes. Of course, you all remember Coco; she is ten now, gosh how time flies. She still has those beautiful curls and is such a mother to her siblings. Noah is five and a real boy, always busy and dirty and then we have two-year-old Lyla. Lyla and Coco could be biological sisters, they have the same complexion and hair, it’s rather unnerving.

A. Any more children for you?

T. Gosh I hope not, I can barely keep up with the three I have, but if God desires that we have more then that it is what I must accept.

A. Well now we all need a rundown of the rest; Rose, Eric, Garth and Merle and let’s not forget dear minister Wade?

T. Gosh okay. So mom is great..

A. No new husband or boyfriend there?

T. Oh no, not mum, she had her true love, and I doubt there is a man in this world that would match up to my dad in her eyes. She is still the same old Rose, never slows down, and she dotes on her grandchildren as do the De Luca’s.

Eric and Judith got married two years ago and expecting their first child in two months.

Garth and Merle are fabulous; they have a girl the same age as Noah and Cole Jnr. is a strapping lad. He is as surfing mad as his father and his namesake and is very good at it too. He and Coco are great friends, and he always has time for Noah, tries to teach him to surf and ride a skateboard, etc.

Minister Wade and Jackie are simply adorable. Natasha is four now, and last year they had twin boys. Next year he will be devoting all his time to the orphanage, so he will not be the church’s minister anymore. I think that is going to take some getting used to.

A. You became close friends with Vanda too, how is she?

T. Vanda and Egan are so good together; they had a rocky start with their cultural differences and raising a child from the get-go, but they are in such a good place now. They haven’t had any children of their own yet. Keela is so cute, of course, Coco is still her best friend, and mother’s her like she does all the other children. Patty and Liam moved to Australia taking Josie and Marco with them. That was difficult for Vanda, but she visits them every year and is fine with it now.

Merle, Vanda and I are the three musketeeresses (laughs). We do just about everything together.

A. Cheri, Sondra, and Gina are they still at Rio Adventures?

T. Sadly no. Cheri and Sondra both had to leave; their husbands had to take job positions elsewhere. Cheri is now in Scotland and Sondra lives in the USA. Gina is retiring this year. Things always change don’t they? But as long as it is a change God wants you to make then it is what we must do.

A. I must ask, do you ever wonder or contemplate about the life you might’ve had with Cole?

T. (Tali fiddles with the ring on her index finger, she still wears it after all these years.) It’s only human that we sometimes wonder but who has the answers to such things. There is no point in dwelling on what ifs. I’m sure Cole and I would’ve had a wonderful life together, he was a great guy, but I am so blessed with my life. It was God’s will that I follow this path, and so I do.

A. What about the future? Any special things are happening you think your readers might like to know?

T. Well, you remember the elevators, the things that got Josh talking to me, well Merle, Vanda and I have started a company doing exactly that; putting cartoons on elevator doors. At first, we did it to appease Josh; he kept harping on the idea that it would be a great business, and it took off like a magnet. Of course, Josh takes all the credit now (laughs).

But other than running after my children and serving God in any way; be it at Bible studies either in a group or one on one, doing community work or simply alone with Him there are not too many hours left in the day.

Oh yes, you told me that Changes From a Sunset might be made into a movie. I will love to be a part of that if it happens. Gosh, how wonderful that would be!

A. Tali, thank you so much for sharing your time with your readers. I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you and all the wonderful characters we have encountered through you.

T. Aileen, it has been an absolute pleasure, I am thrilled to chat with you again. To all the readers out there, please trust and believe in God to guide your life, he is such a loving God and wants you to come to Him. Please also read Aileen’s books they’re filled with characters like me that will crawl into your heart forever.



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  1. Heloooooo Tali! How nice to catch up with you! I have missed you my dear friend and have been thinking of you and your family. How wonderful that God has placed plans and purposes in your life along with so many opportunities to grow and tell others about His love to bring communities together. I look forward to your future where you once again bring us together so we can take a leaf out your book and share what you have taught us all.

    Bless you my dearest Tali, I love you dearly and we will chat again soon. Do give my love and blessings to all those we have met along your path. Much love Avy xxxxxxxxxxx

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